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  2. omg except for da treez dat foreuzt l00kz lyke austria-lia. help3z
  3. The Cede corporation owns your stock. You obviously did not comprehend the video.
  4. " Do you have one which works better?" Yes, the Republic and Common Law. I get no rights from any paper. The constitution blocks those who do not recognize the rights I receive from the universe. You have absolutely no control over the people for whom you vote. Not if you do not remain politically engaged. It is the 'price of admission'. I am politically engaged. I do not want admission to any corporation. I did not vote for the people who wrote the Con, and I do not claim it as the source of any authority that I have. I have repeatedly stated that I am not a party to that contract. You most certainly are. You have continued to live in and work in this country since attaining age of majority. You have accepted the contract by not removing yourself from the lands claimed by the United States. I do not live in the United States. The land is owned by the people; not by a government and certainly not by a foreign corporation. I live in The United States of America. I am not a party to that contract; I did not sign it. Living here does not make me a party to any contract. By the same reasoning If you do not like to pay for a dog license, you should leave the country. You are confusing "Country", and "Nation". It is no better elsewhere. We have to fix it here. The current corporate state does grant privileges based on race, gender---biological or imaginary, and religion. Where exactly? I do not choose to detail what is already well known and established. Clerics are immune from tort. Show me. Look it up yourself. I learned it in a course in civil law. I do not want to take the time to look up a citation. if you do not trust me, ask an honest attorney---If you can find one. Less qualified Blacks are chosen over Whites, by statute. Where? In all government employment and that means all corporations. The employment application of White men seeking a college position are put into a different file than those of women and people of color. Which colleges? Proof? I posted the experience of a white college professor here, some time ago. He had detailed proof. I do not choose to look that up. I suspect every college, but I do not know for sure. If they can not fill the position from the second file they will hire a White man. Men acting as women are allowed to use women's toilets. In most states, I can enter a Ladies' Room to assist a wheelchair-bound woman. I've had to do it. The women present thought it "incredibly sweet" that a man would do such. Get over it. I use women's toilets anytime the men's is locked and there is no one in the women's. I am violating a statute when I do that. I do not need the excuse of helping someone in a wheelchair to enter or use a toilet in the women's bathroom. You get over thinking it is a big deal. There is a big gap between "imperfect" and a criminal enterprise feeding on the people it is charged to protect. What "criminal enterprise"? United States, Inc.
  5. Banjo: I'm habing twuble wealing it back in.
  6. pretty much
  7. Nokia: Come on Banjo, time to go! Banjo: <blows raspberries>
  8. We all hate you for causing Scream to be banned you worthless creep fucker.
  9. Then they can use both bathrooms!!!
  10. he's a nice guy, unlike you!!
  11. goofy lookin dog
  12. He’s defective. U didn’t break it
  13. Boooiiinnngggg
  14. I smell flithy cocks at the gym all the time. Makes my eyes water. Where are the vent fans when you need them ? Them breeders are dirty birds. They work out dirty then when they go to strip down and shower you catch the full bloom of their rotting little pecker. Ewwww we nasty dirty cocks. Like chicken noodle soup mixed with skunk farts. It is almost bad enough to make me want to barf. I asked about ventilation in the locker area and showers. They told me it creates a cold draft in the showers so they turned it off. So it's like a steam room of dirty cocks. So gross. There women must gag when forced to give head. Breeders are often dirty people.
  15. DTC and CC handle my stock. They eliminate a lot of expensive paperwork (printing of ornate stock certificates) by keeping book-entry records. I still get my dividends on schedule, can sell my stock at any time, and (wonder of wonders) got stock in them and a dividend from them as well. How 'bout that?
  16. What about those born with both genitalia?
  18. no. but there is an Alberta town dedicated to star trek for real.
  19. Make it easy for authorities to find you and then brag about committing a felony on line. Yup. Real intelligent.
  20. Funny those on the right are asking for more than this to be done to them. They love to fight dirty so the Tranny's will teach them all about fighting real dirty. Most won't brag about what they do. Hope you enjoy the dirty tricks you bastards.
  21. Watcha think Norm? Familiar with this? What is Liberland?
  22. Nothing was stolen from you. You failed in your financial/legal obligations to government and lost everything as a penalty for your actions.
  23. If the money they took from me for SS had been invested in a low-yield security, I would be rich. I would also be well off if my home and business property nad not been stolen by the corporation. I am very pleased that your friend is taking action to right the wrong against him.
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