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  2. We are all sure you masturbate over how wonderful your life is and that is why you are here in the middle of the night. You flicking the bean with a twinkey over CH or too drugged up to sleep? Waiting for the DH to leave for his side chick so you can drink gravyz, meth up and shit yourself? What an upright cunt of worthlessness, so why don't you just off yourself and to that poor DH a favor?
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  4. Welcome to the Mel show. Says you. Yeah, right. You live in a ghetto and don't go outside. Your DH is the one to decide if you met his needs, not you. A typical PWR female. Offer Mel a banana.
  5. The closest guest has come to a night under canvas is wearing clown shoes and make-up selling programs outside a circus tent
  6. Yep,well said. Guest get a life you don't speak for anyone else here but yourself.Try getting out a bit more.
  7. Actually I live in a beautiful home in a great part of town. My house Is immaculate and all my husbands needs are well met. I drive a late model car and there hasn't been any shit on the floor since Spikey was a pup. HTH
  8. Really.... Last straw for what? What did my vacation photos make you burn down? I truly DID NOT realize sharing happy camping photos would cause so many to go completely batshit crazy and that folks would still be talking about it over a year later. Oh woe.....The destruction I have caused....
  9. Susan has gas, or is it the minds that obsess over CH now UF is died?
  10. That pitiful memorial day retreat is what set off the entire year long tirade from Copper in the first place. It also was the last straw for many of us too.
  11. I baked a hamboogie in the the toaster oven for 45 minutes, I fell asleep and forgot it.
  12. We all could have hoped you were, but you making drama where there isn't any aren't you. A typical PWR woman of no integrity, fat, stupid, loose morals and lazy enough to spend all your time stirring shit. Jesus, you live off a man so you can sit online to talk about everyone while pretending your shit doesn't stink. Why oh why would any man put up with you? What do you offer the world? I'd make your fat ass get a job, or make sure your house was fucking spotless and three meals a day were made that didn't involve white bread and Bologna to get the internet password. I have this image of you huffing your jabba bulk from a unmade bed to your computer with a cig hanging outta yer mouth, dog shit on the floor, piles of clothes in the hamper and a twinkie ready to shove in your mouth while your husband slaves away 10 hours a day to keep up with your meds and food.
  13. i Do the Watusi 404Emoticons
  14. Henceforth known as the Master Baiter
  15. She's drunk somewhere
  16. Besides,i have no wish to open my wardrobe door to find 200 pairs of womens shoes that all look the same to me
  17. Being a 24/7 carer i don't get the time for any sort of relationship now.And i'm at that age where having been cooking,cleaning up,darning my own socks for myself for over 40 years now apart from the grunting and grinding side of things I can't be doing with a clingy,bathroom clogging,nagging,baggage laden 40 something female hanging round my neck.I just find most women my age vapid,boring and totally lacking in personality or individuality.I know all of that sounds bloody awful and very cynical,but its just how i feel right now
  18. no camping with Rayne up in the U.P. this weekend....
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