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  2. Hey! We should move all production to China, as they can do it so much cheaper with slave labor! Don't foelrget your gas mask and eye bleach, tourists. China is so progressive that shitting out the window of a car may someday be considered a crime Or frying food in sewer sludge and serving it to tourists. What a gross country.
  3. Didn't China just recently ship dog food that killed dogs to our country? Oh, and the lead laced baby toy the media dropped that. End times, babadook.
  4. I once went to aldis and bought a ton of dirt cheap pork! As soon as I pulled off the pastic, I knew I was screwed. It stank. And when I touched the meat, It was slimey. And worse, when I picked up a chop, it revealed green meat. And all of it was green, except what I could see through the plastic cover in the store. WTF? Are we China now? Fuck Obama
  5. Besides, I'm busy working on a spreadsheet of how many movies have vomiting in it, and how many vomits. The results may change Hollywood, once Trump bans vomit loving gays from Earth. Get Him ToThe Greek has so much vomit, I lost count before I could finish watching, due to my new special stompy neighbor
  6. When are you all going to fix the deep and dreadful emptyiness that I feel after spending a lifetime of catering to your needs? Where's my pool?
  7. Yup,i bought half price roast ham slices yesterday,was regretting it by last night.
  8. And toilet paper... either buy the good stuff or just go old school and use cloth. Fucking industrialists.
  9. These generic jalapeno chips suck. I saved a whole dollar and got shitty tasting chips. No more. I tried to save a buck by buying old spagetti sauce once, and ended up shoving my fingers down my throat to get it out before I died. Trying to save a buck isn't worth it.
  10. Well, it ain't Ankhy. She's trailer stinkage.
  11. Yea. I heard, but please leave me alone! Please? I don't want to have to kill you
  12. I can't even hide!
  13. Oh no! She just tapped on my door. No no no no!
  14. Today
  15. Alas, summer isn't over. But fall is nigh, I hope! A very unusual summer... Very few storms. Early spring, and now a cool August.
  16. Hows your dog doing ,Herb ?
  17. I love walking in winter storms. The snow makes the world so quiet!
  18. My favorite part of winter is that I can walk anywhere ans not run into anyone begging me for a cigg or a dollar. And my layers and gloves feel like armor if one desperate guy comes at me. Plus, with all the white, I can see anyone coming at me a mile away. Also, no allergens! No more tears! Allergies are awful.
  19. I must admit that I was tempted to call out to her "Here I Am! Doug!" But then I decided that having my penis cut off would ruin my night even more.
  20. I'm sure he'd tear the bears arm off with his bare arms
  21. I did't get no skooling like you rich fancy folks! Ask Don to fix it.
  22. His dick has a steering wheel? I bet Raven will want one now!!!
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