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  1. The other thing that's always funny to me deals with my other job which is eBaying which requires daily trips to the post office. I actually don't mind standing in line there because there's ALWAYS a line and you can meet some cool people but when I go's usually with 2 or 3 beach bags full of packages. Believe me I have heard some grumbles (it's usually women about my age who do this too which goes along with my reality tv show in their own little heads theory) and being vocal to the people around them about how many packages I have. Sometimes I ignore it but usually I wait a few seconds and then turn around very friendly and start talking about something random with the dork talking about me and have them all friendly within seconds. Little do they know that even though I have a ton of packages that I'm going to take about 3 seconds once I'm up there because I already have them completely posted and ready to go...the clerk just has to take my bags (which they love how I have them ready for them) and dump them in a box and I'm on my way. Peoples responses aren't as bad where I live now because most people are pretty laid back but I still get it from time to time. I'd like to think I've made quite a few people reconsider jumping to conclusions but I'm sure it didn't.
  2. All I've ever really worked is retail and I have some stories too but things have changed so much even in just the last few years. The more I'm around people and meet and talk to people the more I honestly think everyone feels they are in their own little reality show these days. The more drama you can create...the better and more satisfying your life will be mentality. I hate drama and avoid it and the people who dwell in it but if there's one thing I learn just about every day it's that there is always something new to learn just about every day. The biggest problem I ever encounter in sales is when someones card gets denied. At that point their embarrassment takes over and it doesn't matter how much we were enjoying each other prior to that it's my fault and I need to fix it. I can explain to them that it's likely because they've used their card more than usual that day or that because they are in from out of town (and they didn't call their credit card company beforehand...I slightly mention with a sweet smile) that the company just needs to hear from them to make sure it's them making the purchases and their card hasn't been stolen. This isn't my fault or my stores fault but once someone is embarrassed in a line and especially if they have family or friends with them...they are going to make it pretty bad for you. Most of my experiences dealing with buyers or as a cashier are pleasant...I'd say 90% are very good and enjoyable and we part smiling and happy from the exchanges we had but omg those people that fill out that other 10%. :( Respect is what life should boil down to. I'm a mere 'cashier' and while most people are super friendly and want to chat as much as possible during the time we're dealing with each other...there are just some really mean people in this world. And you deal with them on a daily basis in sales. Neither person was right in the OP situation but seriously....dramatic overblown encounters are the norm now and almost expected. I love my job and the people I work with now are like the cutest, sweetest, happiest people I've ever known. I almost get more upset when I see these situations happen with them as when it happens to me because they don't deserve that...none of us deserve to be talked down to or yelled at. We're working hard and for not a ton of cash and doing the best we can. Respect. I wish more people had it.
  3. Thanks! Don't make me scan the letters and show everyone, Sugar. Please be safe. You made a mistake and you need to own it. I've made TONS of mistakes. You have no idea. Ok, sounds good. I'll be'll be safe and please let's leave me out of all this in the future. I'm not really big on the attention thing. Ok, looks good....I say that's a wrap! Let's all go get some ice cream or something
  4. Sara, you have already made up your mind about this so I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise..but for clarification sake...I did not purchase a website and I'm not running any websites. As far as my name being on it...that's not true either. Maybe the name he chose to use was based loosely on me but that's all. I was trying really hard not to reply to this stuff because it's just silly but I don't want people to start sending me money or even thinking I am taking in money to do something like this . That would be bad. I had to step in and straighten this out. Ok, I'm still good with everyone...I say we all just move on. And in the future, if anyone wants to know if I'm a spy, lion tamer, brain surgeon or anything else that seems remarkable for some goofy woman being sugar on the internet...please feel free to ask me directly :) I'm very open! Thanks!
  5. No ma'am it was not purchased while he was with me. :)
  6. Oh my goodness gracious! Of all the things I'm not good at...explaining myself must be my biggest failure. Because it seems like sometimes no one listens to anything I say heh. Sara, like I said to you privately...I don't own that site, have never owned a site. That absolutely was not purchased by me. It's so funny everyone seems to think I have money because I don't. I wish! I'm trying! But I don't. Of the things Steven loved me cash flow was negative on that list. I care very much about Steven and his well being, everyone knows that and have done all the things I know how to be his friend and be there for him. I'm not involved in that though. I hadn't seen this when I communicated with you earlier, but the feeling is still the hard feelings and I hope we can be friends. I have no hard feelings towards anyone and those who dislike me...I apologize and wish you'd give me a chance to get to know me. I'm really not that bad. I'm a dork but I'm a nice girl. A nice girl who screws up from time to time but tries hard to make up for it when I do. I'm really trying with everything in me to get my life in the order it should be and move on in the direction I need to go. Some of you know about my recent changes and thanks to those who have been sweet to me, encouraging and supportive. Everyone deserves a shot in life and I'm trying very hard to make my way. Please don't get me in the middle of this. I want to help Steven but I'm no good in this role. I'm more of a friend and someone he can talk to. PLEASE no one send me anything. I'm not taking any money or anything like that at all. I hope we can all be cool now! I love you! You are like family to me and I'm so thankful for you! Thanks and I'm sorry I haven't been in touch recently. Hope you're doing well!!!
  7. She may be the #1 person on my list of here of people I want to meet. There are others, of course, that I would love to meet for many varied reasons but damn! I would love to sit and listen to her talk for a few hours! I think that would be entertaining to a level I've not yet experienced!
  8. Awwww it's good to see one of these.
  9. Did he disappear about the same time as the Norway Spiral? Maybe that was his ride home. I hope not but good point! Maybe he was too good for us and they took him on back!
  10. Isn't there a guinea pig whistle we can blow or a light that we can shine into the sky to call him back? :( I miss him and I hope he's doing fine and is good and happy and just having too much fun doing what he's doing and forgot to check in. He's funny and sweet and needs to be here!
  11. That was very heart-warming and good.
  12. This is a good example of why I simply don't look at the sky. I don't WANT to see anything like that. Ever!
  13. I have a lot of his less 'serious' art work he's sent me that I'll post sometime for y'all to see. He's a really good artist whatever you may think of him otherwise. Sheila, you mentioned you would call..I don't see on my id where you did but in case I missed you please feel free to call me anytime if you want or you can just email me your info at and I'll send you what he asked for. :)
  14. As far as locations...I won't speak for Sheila but I'm still in Mississippi and so is Steven for now. That will be changing pretty quickly though I think. Thanks to those who have sent messages, mail and 'shout outs' to Steven. He loves hearing from y'all.
  15. My first concert ever was New Kids on the Block and we had front row seats. I think my best friends mom was a cougar even back in the day! I am very possibly the whitest person (that doesn't have some kind of condition) on the face of the earth. My favorite smell is an orange.