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  1. Omph, Thank you for that string of presentations from the Bostock Texas SSP conference. Way over the rainbow. The fact of anti-gravity tech being used in the mid 1800s is truly a hoot. That flick The Wild Wild West had an element of truth regarding the level of tech in that century. From Steam Punk fantasy to actuality. Have you perchance seen any of the very recent David Wilcox interviews with Corey Goode? They are available by subscription at Gaia TV. I wish you well with your physical events.
  3. Maybe we can GE a bunch of them to tap the ZP juice and shit more than they eat.
  4. I do not know enough about the subject to comment. I do have a question. What is the purpose and function of those names in all capitol letters that are similar to our birth certificate name, but arranged in different ways, lint JOHN QUINCY DOE; DOE, JOHN AUINCY, jOHN A. DOE, etc. And, who benefits from their use? Any esquires or esquiretts who care to comment?
  6. Fred is good.
  7. One missile 3 feet off the water at Mach 2.
  8. Barry is importing tens of thousands. Get them ALL out of our nation.
  9. I don't yet know who he is.
  10. I do not speak rudely to anyone, especially guys with guns who think they have some authority. On the other hand, you can suck Martin Drakes dick, if it has one.