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  1. IalreadydidmypartsofuckyouintheMaMspot:) You must mean that time you kowtowed and apologized to Mam. You gave that trout something she didn't deserve. Nice going in doing your part. listenassholei'mbacksoshowitorshitboy.Idontgiveafuck
  2. IalreadydidmypartsofuckyouintheMaMspot:)
  3. Thisistrulyasaddayin'fuge.ClearEyesyouwillbegreatlymissed.ThankYouforyourengagingcontributiontoth isboard. GoodLucktoYouandYour'sanddon'tstopsearchingfortheTruth!PeaceoutSista! eta:sendjeevesmyregards JOEY
  4. joey FuckYouFaggot.
  5. sharni Don'tbeanasshole.
  6. Thisisunacceptable.
  7. Can it be true, that we are being lectured on morality, by someone without the self pride or sense of worth to learn to spell correctly or use words correctly? I can only imagine that her children were afforded a less than stellar example of how to interact in polite society. Sigline!!! "I'm not blaming the homeless for their lot in life, because unfortunately, they were most likely children who were raised in parallel universes that were not conducive to leading a functioning normal lifestyle...." MeMam 2009 YesMaM,Iwillprovidethelinkifneeded!!!
  8. Thequestionisnotifi'malardassbut,amIanangel.