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  1. He is so crapped out!!!
  2. Vicious monsters? Bwahahah!!!!!
  3. How could we when you just play silly roles?
  4. You have your own troll clique and set your sights on certain targets. But you will deny it and justify your behaviour with some weak ass defense.
  5. Home-schooled by whom? The Dad he killed? The article said his mother was at work when the shooting happened.
  6. Why would a teenager go to an elementary school to shoot it up? His own school had tighter security?
  7. SAS sez....
  8. I like the mechanical method over drugs, but ingesting polymer stars internally still sounds scary to me. I use a non-drug treatment on my bees to control varroa mites. I vaporize oxyalic acid into the hive and it destroys the exo-skeleton on the mites but doesn't harm the bees. Apparently mutating to develop a stronger exo-skeleton is much harder than developing a resistance to drugs. I don't medicate my hives.
  9. Ripping apart the cell wall of bacteria with polymer stars that stick to them sounds fucky scary. What will it do to other cells in your body?
  10. Ummm..... Just a few comments from someone with some actual hours in old Cessnas (circa 1969) I did engine-out training getting my pilot's license and they do not "drop like a rock". You can trim them out to glide very nicely but you only have one shot at landing so you better pick a good spot. I trained out of the Rock Springs, WY airport so I know all about winds, density altitude, etc. the FBO had pictures of planes that didn't plastered all over their walls. The advantage of flying out west is the vast amount of open spaces to land a plane without hitting buildings. If you are flying over the mountains you are pretty much screwed. Always made me a bit uneasy looking at the rugged terrain and knowing there was no place to set down if we had engine trouble. As far as "weak engines in older planes" - every year a plane has to have all the inspection covers removed to inspect the control cables and the engine is given a compression test. If it doesn't pass the plane is grounded until repaired. If the compression is low, the engine must be rebuilt or replaced.
  11. But they are weasels. Can you imagine the under the table deals that will be made if Hillary becomes President with that kind of protected status?
  12. lol I got lots and lots of that to maintain!!!!
  13. Best wishes on your journey, Slade!
  14. I don't think first class envelopes make it there any faster than first class packages.