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  1. so

    Good for you!!! Knee pads are a must for flooring work ...... but doesn't help much getting up and down off the floor 10 thousand times!! When I left my knee pads in Arkansas I used a pillow to finish the utility room in my house in Houston. If I had my druthers I would pick flooring work over painting. Ugh
  2. I'm not Psy and you may not see this if you have me on ignore, but this is a serious response. My grandmother was not bipolar but she pulled this shit all the time on my Mom. Always a crisis. Utilities turned off if my Mom didn't wire money right away (even though she knew about it weeks ago). By waiting until it is a crisis, you are compelled to act right away w/o considering other alternatives. And that is the goal.
  3. I was thinking incoherent, but yours works as well
  4. He was being facetious in response to their faux concern. They don't care about Raven. They are using it as an excuse to slam Ankhy. They are on a mission to make strat a mod since he is bored with nothing to do.
  5. huh?
  6. I was once interviewed by the ATF and asked if I was capable of building a bomb. I said "of course, but I didn't"
  7. Just because I am a chemical engineer and am capable of cooking up nefarious things does not mean I would carry them out. Or I might
  8. The mites.... not the bees.
  9. I fumed my hive with oxalic acid which melts their exoskeleton! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!
  10. lol They are hardier than the varroa mites sucking the life out of my honey bees!!!!!
  11. Too bad Cass isn't here to tell you that you are SANE!!!
  12. Case in point. I have never called you by your first name nor posted mine here. Not that I care since "Sarah" is a common name. But I never gave you permission to call me that, so it just highlights your immaturity and lack of character. But that has been proven in spades over the past few days. You do know you never can recover your reputation once soiled, eh? Too bad you will never be the "bad boy" lovely always loved and admired in Anders. POS does not equal "bad boy" dumbass.
  13. Strat, you can post silly shit all day long with your cheerleader, but you are still a scumbag with no honor. Calling me "Sarah" does not alter the fact that you are a despicable POS.