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    Dinosaur movies
  1. I wondered!!! explains why I couldn't stand little twerp. Mayberry RFD wannabe!! You have your child actors mixed up, Einstein.
  2. Oh, well then I like the Anthony version more!
  3. M*m made the cover again?
  4. I really don't understand now. You say people are other people all the time. Am I supposed to be someone else? Give me a hint.
  5. I don't understand. I'm not moose or anything.
  6. I want him to come back as the scourge of the interwebs. Every anonymous troll should have merciless justice meted out under his jackbooted heel. No insult -- real or imaginary -- should go unpunished. We should fan-out over the internets looking for anyone besmirching HIM! The churn of the churn of posters should pay for the sins of their parents and grandparents! WAIT! I thought this was the GloP/ Trinity thread. Nevermind.
  7. Take that, you bad M lady!
  8. You're a good man Joey. You're a very good man. You even got the cornfield.
  9. Are dumb people embarrassed that they're dumb?
  10. I'm not don.
  11. This is an old thread.
  12. He said: "you can go sleep at home tonight, if you can get up and walk away"