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  1. The US is in talks with Norway to station 300 marines in Trondheim. Not a great idea, imo. I've only read about it in danish but a quick google search found this CNN article: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/18/politics/marines-norway-russia/ Washington (CNN)Norway may soon host a rotational force of US Marines -- a move that could send a chill down Russian President Vladimir Putin's spine. The American request, confirmed in a statement from the commanding officer of Marine forces in Europe, comes as tensions between the US and Russia are increasing amid the humanitarian disaster in Syria and US assertions of Russian involvement in cyber hacks on American political organizations and individuals. "We enjoy a very close relationship with the Norwegian Armed Forces and a limited rotational presence in Norway would certainly enhance this relationship and our ability to operate together," Maj. Gen. Niel E. Nelson, commander of US Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa, said in a statement to CNN. "If approved by the Norwegian government, a Marine Corps presence in Norway will increase NATO's ability to rapidly aggregate and employ forces in northern Europe," the statement continued. The story was reported earlier by the Marine Corps Times and Military.com. ..... more at link
  2. I miss Kickass. :(
  3. I live in the Socialist Craphole of Denialmark. People here are happy the government's hands are down their pants, stealing their last bit of change. They haven't woken up yet. :(
  4. Cool. I don't text anyone but it's good to know.
  5. The only thing that might surprise me still is when they admit it to doing it openly. Any surprise lasts about 5 seconds. I signed up and will start using it.
  6. Thank you! Nice to see you as well. I read here still but mostly gave up commenting. Thanks for answering. I think I'm going to try it since it's free. And of course, fuck you, Yahoo!
  7. That was really bad even by Syfy standards. Walking Dead meets Left Behind meets..... I kept wishing the blond teenage girl would get it.
  8. I'm watching it and enjoying it, especially the gay character.
  9. I just heard that there's a documentary on Netflix about Johnny Gosch, if it hasn't been mentioned here. It's called Who Took Johnny? or something like that.
  10. Hahahaha, yes, that too!!
  11. What a great ending! Gustav was already awesome and then....[no spoilers]!
  12. I haven't seen the last two episodes yet and am looking forward to them. It may be too smart for network tv and I can understand your love for Mary Elizabeth Winstead and that's all I'm gonna say.
  13. I'm more worried about antibiotic resistant diseases.
  14. I've seen the lady in the first video and she's amazing and awesome. Like DoL, I see unhealthy thin/skinny people here every day because we've been overrun by ecological, organic, everything must be healthy, eat your rye bread that's so dry it chokes you!!! health nazis here (when they're not binge drinking on the weekends, mind you ).