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  1. I've seen the lady in the first video and she's amazing and awesome. Like DoL, I see unhealthy thin/skinny people here every day because we've been overrun by ecological, organic, everything must be healthy, eat your rye bread that's so dry it chokes you!!! health nazis here (when they're not binge drinking on the weekends, mind you ).
  2. That's something I will have to try. :)
  3. Thank you, Soul. I'm trying your links.
  4. Thanks, Soul!
  5. A quick google search shows people saying that it's a mirror site of kickass.
  6. That's a concern, yes. KickAss getting shut down doesn't help. Those fuckers already make more than enough money. If they were smart, they'd find a way to use torrenting to make more money. And just because, let's send you neighbors dogs over to their house for awhile.
  7. The private tracker I use is also down today and I don't know why. :(
  8. This is very sad and shocking. :(
  9. I'm sorry, Herb.
  10. It sucks. Fuck them! viagra!
  11. From what I remember, he was ok until a woman left him and then he turned into an.... well, that's what I remember.
  12. and ditto.
  13. Passive aggressive clown.
  14. he's such a moron
  15. LOL, that would be disappointing but even if it is, the "ride" there is good. The first two episodes of season 2 were fantastic.