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  1. Don't you imagine any 'such people' looking to defy any detrimental corners in life, get what they deserve? How are you getting along?
  2. The overt deviant behavior has the propensity to take hold whenever the individual is targeted for abuse at a young age. It's a rebellious culture of pleasure seeking men and women looking to express their love of life and to break the bonds of oppressive slavery and selective morality. I don't condone outrageous behavior or acts for shock value, but I do support gay rights for the pure and simple matter of freedom of expression in keeping with the human experience. We're talking about honesty here. There's never room for guarded mischief or self denial in my field of vision.
  3. Welcome back. Please sign up so we can coordinate your med regimen.
  4. You may have covered material concerning the health benefits of apple cider vinegar consumption, if not then here's a link: What is important here with me is keeping my engine running clean, and body PH balance plays a vital role in that very thing. Counteracting alkaline states is why I go through rounds of ACV usage. It's not something I do all the time, but I've learned to listen to my body and when it's time to begin using ACV I'll get a bottle of Braggs and start taking 2tbs with 10oz of water a night before bedtime. It's really easy to use drugs as a quick fix and to simulate a quality to life, but I cannot express enough the true value of being a friend to yourself by eating, sleeping and exercising disciplines to enhance quality of life. Bolstering mind and body health levels actually gives everything you put into it back to you! There's no disillusion about it. From me to you, please consider taking better care of yourself for the sake of love and life.
  5. Well Don, I wont berate you for that. I'm an intelligent human being open to understanding. And after all, who am I to judge your sexuality?
  6. I am what I am, and I'm up to any challenge. In my company, if you're not picking up on the undercurrent, I'll set you straight.
  7. Another devoted Trump supporter.
  8. I looked that up and found out is was Pan (Pansexual and Panromantic) Visibility Day today May 24th, 2017. This has never not been under the radar. We're living in a revolutionary time of self expression and freedom of choice. People simply feel like they no longer wish to be slaves to others oppression.
  9. I'm asking you to ask yourselves why you think spending day after day throwing derogatory statements back and forth is proving anything other than what I hope you should know about yourselves. Any kind of stylized satire you think you're spinning is way past it's expiration, and moving onward on those same notes only makes you look like a bunch of silly campers. Is it no fun to act like adults? I act like one and my fun never ends!