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  1. I don't follow you. Not because I don't understand you. I don't follow you because you're a dead end. You've got nothing and you're coming at me like you do. You don't.
  2. Well, maybe you have a heart after all. Keep digging.
  3. Flan, you're wasting your time tapping out esoteric designs. Why don't you go beat your head on a rock to symbolize your intransigent belief in atheism.
  4. I have made a positive comment on Nokia's thread, but wtf! I have made some serious attempts to inspire others or support them when they're down, even anonymously. There was a long stretch in the past whenever I was more from the heart. I don't expect that you were paying attention, but that didn't go over well in the midst of these guarded people. While I may not have the honor of friendship between some of you, I know there are those out there that have identified with messages that have come and gone over the course of conversation.
  5. When you're not busy denigrating things that should matter in the eyes of everyone, you're back peddling with juvenile games once you realize the intent you were shooting for was really shitty after all.
  6. I stand by everything I say and have said.
  7. I'm more than just words on an internet forum
  8. With full knowledge of how these exchanges evolved, doesn't change my POV one iota! CH, I've come to understand that you're going to read into everything through the tunneled vision of that twisted psychotic mind of yours, so it's pointless to seek out conciliation. You prey on opportunistic exploitation like a thieving whore. If you had it your way, God forbid, a sense of fairness between us would be non existent only to be replaced by ceaseless aggravating torment. Save your venomous chicanery for beloved, you crazy bitch! It's easy to love kind hearted people, and if it isn't obvious by now that I'm not dealing with kind hearted or pensive types between those involved, then let this serve as the line drawn. I didn't come around here to play some role or to cultivate enemies, I came here just like everyone else looking for familiarity after GLP collapsed. If posters are going to be offensive and attack me with the intent to provoke because they think I'm out of line for calling out their foul behavior, I'm going to react in spirit. These are spiritual interactions taking place, just as they are in the world at large. I'm ready for battle! As far as Flan goes, I'd sponsor a streaming hand to hand fight between he and I for the opportunity to punch the smug off his face, knock the fucker out and stamp Proxywhore Stupid on his forehead!
  9. You should never compare passion to unsuitability. It's stark denial.
  10. Why go there whenever they're already over here Sarafina, I can guarantee that if someone started to zero in on you with razor sharp harassment, that puffed up stance of yours would buckle. I'm not saying that because my skin isn't thick enough, or that I'm a pussy, I'm saying it because it never had to be that way in the first place, and that it's all about the strength of resolve and the discipline of self control.
  11. Khufu, you should never fly your imagination with loose reins.
  12. It's the interconnectedness, Rayne. My actions here are the result of seeing these kinds of interactions. Not only around the internet, but in the light of day. And in addition, I've been interacting with these same people for 14 years. On a public forum, I have something to say as well
  13. I was saying it was likened to demonic possession whenever posters go for the throat in an unrelenting fashion, without the slightest show of accountability, compassion or understanding. That shows to someone like me that these people are bent to such a degree, they're looking to drag others down with them. CE, all of those years that these same posters hit me up with deep insults designed for provocation, and I handled it with a measure of dignity, where were you? They don't like me because I call their hands. Do you understand the difference there? You want to stand by Ghenghis Flan, while he attempts to berate me, and point the finger at me to say that I'm the one in the wrong by making a semi-comical post about how he was going to hell. Not you and him. Not you, him and everyone else. Just him. On the same side of the coin, take a look at his signature. I'm sure you can see where that would be offensive to some. Not just because it's offensive in nature, it was designed to be offensive by Gheghis Flan himself. Which brings us around to your signature. I get it. People are jaded. Where do you draw the line?
  14. Yeah Well tell that to Flan. You're up the wrong tree.
  15. Answer to yourself.