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  1. Looks to be a meteor skirting the atmosphere.
  2. Without substance, conviction never sees the light of day.
  3. Strat needs to have a heart to heart talk with the dog. Sit down and be serious about it. He needs to open a two way avenue of respect. Dignity is on the line. Remember... A dog listens through your eyes.
  4. What's a good old English idiom for losing one's mind?
  5. If by boob you mean your general mental health? Then yeah, check it out!
  6. Trust that I can smell your identity, so to speak. Tentacled white blob has nothing on you!
  7. Trust that each will be judged by their choices in life. We all live within the space of possibilities brought forth by our identity... formed by the assessments of others.
  8. It's a little more than disturbing to think about the inner workings of your mind. You've done something very dark.
  9. It's going to get fun for me
  10. It appears as if I need to stay outside of negative energies due to an amazing influx of spiritual/intuitive energies. That must mean you. Deal it and send it!
  11. The rook sees and gathers way
  12. Seriously! Strat, and Lovely for that matter, should be given their dues! Apologies and the acceptance that they're beautiful loving, adventurous people looking to share life. Their detractors are the ones that need the real help though!