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  1. i could admin the hell out of this board... how much does it pay? lol feliz navidad
  2. toland was a hack... so do you work at being a caricature or does it come naturally?
  3. on the first page(s) of the original thread, wasn't 'black friar' accusing 'jody' of being a 'male homosexual?'
  4. maybe guys like mussolini are yet to some, akin to the 'lovable losers' of hystory...
  5. i see you fully adorned after all of these years and some call we degenerate for our tenderness and hidden ways back in the day they had their way and to this day our kind we continue to pay the price of empire but today we fulfill all our desires see the world burn, it's on fire and the water it is rising in these the latter days you see me through this purple haze i have no intention of ending things this way let them keep their chains and their birth and death pains but tonight we fly into the starry sky our wings take flight all lifelong trepidation cast aside and you know it's true that i love you they seek control we give it to them now because the body politic is circumvented in the nascent moment of the big event our life blood spent without regret in these latter days we are now unfazed you know it's never wrong no matter what i say come and go as you may today is the day for the last final parade where we shed our skins and everyone sees everyone else's virtues as well as all their sins you and i we get used to it once we find our wings and sing and affection rules the day and harmless panty raids and backyard barbeques and cars that go vroom baby you're a star i just know you are once i wanted to give this to you my heart you see such a sweet baby queen all that i need and so much more than that to me you made my being even whilst fleeing the scene thank you from new found realms thought to be at least partially pristine it will be like the latter days don't be afraid i see that you're brave baby queen little woman sweet sweet baby queen you shine white light don't you know myself you have shone but why did you pick that drunken guy at least i still have my guitar my oh my at least i still have my guitar and you'll always be a star
  6. ain't not use in calling home jody's on the telephone ain't no use in looking back jody's got your cadillac
  7. melissa casgraine: you go, grrl!
  8. perchance is there a greek woman in germany who goes by the name of trinity? bearing a cross of beauty?
  9. ok... late to this noise... what's the next big thread?
  10. what? how? why? when? where? who? enquiring minds want to know
  11. the thing with this thread is the fasination with mussolini... it is downright bizarre... i mean... the guy was a clown... a fashionable one at that but in the war he so boasted about - he was defeated as it turns out... he was a communist until about 1919 or 1920... so maybe he did know some of those commie dudes... they were all just agents for the financiers when it comes down to it... well maybe some crazy otherworldly crap made its way into the picture what with the nazis and all of that... mussolini was a clown in any event... screw socialism... dipshits... regiment every godamn phreaking thing on earth... for what?... really what?...
  12. bravo theatre of the bizarre... yea i bought the ticket beats television hands down... now what if they had a 5 forks tv show with an internet chat occurring simultaneously?
  13. well i suppose petunia could be 'one of' marilyn's avs if i'm catching your drift black jim, you yourself seem to be an 'independent persona'... and i can sit here and tell you i'm 'my own person' but who really knows in any event? it does seem better than television... these kinds of 'whodunnit' threads...
  14. lol at times this thread is a laugh riot