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  1. Don't mind me. I am a GRUMP
  2. Just saying
  3. The reason your hands were were burnt> Dabbiling where you shouldn't.
  4. I am the grandmother of a bad assed water dragon and we weep for the child.
  5. I was banned or answering each and every RAVEN post? Kill the messenger? Whatever. (Yes, I know it will be taken down) Is this my 3rd warning, or what?
  6. I don't notice a difference.
  7. Good morning, Mr.T
  8. Til later!
  9. Hence "The Two Party System". Unless you are talking about Lyndon LaRouche.
  10. Hence "The Two Party System".
  11. Yes. That and it would be nice to speak to you one last time.
  12. We must speak once again, SOONer or later.