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  1. Yes!
  2. Yes, Captain. TexLittlefield, you are a female stalking, Buffalo Bill wannabe. When you do your little "Tuck" dance, do the homosexual demons dance with you? Good man! Now park the ship over by that dark, hole-ish looking thing so it will be safe while I catch Marti on the rebound. Also, have the boy lay out my good shorts.
  3. Tex Spittlefield needs his fag ass kicked. Kif!!!
  4. Good thing I have a large pie. Huge even. Ask Kif. Not that he would know. Except we shower together so that he can wash my back. Ah, Kif. My loyal soldier. How I love you in a manly way.
  5. Exactly! Making love to a woman is just like driving a space ship. You just keep pushing buttons until something explodes. Oh, marti...knock. Knock.
  6. HELLOOOO! Clear Eyes! Your name is too long, I shall therefore and heretofore and forthwith call you Marty. Wait. That is to long. Make that Marti. Much better. Perhaps you need a friend to service you sexually after the name calling? Knock. Knock.
  7. Kif is my A-numero-uno, most loyal soldier. So I don't care what happens! No one better hurt him! (Unless you have to.)
  8. Oommmpphhh! Is it time for me to shave your corns, Captain? Yes Kif it is. Get in your corn cutting suit. (You know the one.)
  9. Clear Eyes is one hot chick. Perhaps, as a homo, you cannot appreciate a woman's hotness? Well, that horse won't hunt, sir fagadaccio!