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  1. Speaking of shit eating animals...I was watching Conan years ago when this happened... I just like his reaction
  2. sounds fantastic right now...
  3. Ugh, No it's not.
  4. I hope to hell he isn't Norwegian. I'll have to have a meeting with my people to have him banished.
  5. Like I've said, you attract the winners!
  6. They must lead pathetic real lives. Boring, lonely, something. Add in a hefty dose of fucked in the headness and that's what you get.
  7. You know, I've never listened to a single one. Call it intuition...
  8. Golly. I'm shocked.
  9. So get up off yer butt, find a hot date, (heh), and go to the actual restaurant to eat.
  10. Let me have some more to drink first...
  11. We have got some pretty darn good hard cider here too. There's a cider mill down the road that's open year round that makes their own now...good stuff!
  12. I shall smoke some weedage in your honor, my deprived corporate friend. It's a Michigan beer...bourbon barrel-aged stout. It's my new favorite occasional weekend treat.
  13. I've got the weed and some Dragon's Milk and am having a great time....I dunno what all these humdrums are doing but I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Party on
  14. Awesome. It's byob erybodies...