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  1. I have got to get into the habit of closing these blinds....
  2. Definitely you....you seem frazzled. Relax....
  3. None of those things exist...except my ass However if you really don't want to tell me how your day is you could just avoid me and not butt in on all my threads. We've been down this road so, so many times...you never learn....who's the dummy?
  4. Yes sitting...pretty sure he was sitting when he did it. I totally meant sitting. Although " silly " also would work well and I did think about writing that at first.
  5. I'll bet...hope you enjoyed the hell out of that muffin :) Alrighty then that makes a lot more sense...
  6. Everything is going to be okay.....you'll see. Until the next doom prediction rolls around, after which.... ...everything is still going to be okay. Chillax....enjoy life! Doesn't matter how much of it you think you have left.....enjoy it
  7. They've got some hearty lattes in Canada...I've never had a coffee crumble around me. Well as long as he got something. You should see the nerve squirrels have in the parks around here...theyd climb right up you and grab the food out of your hand if you let them! Anyway, sorry about your crummy latte.
  8. Frank looks happy but Sam's kinda looking around like he got gypped. You're so baked you forgot to feed Sam....didn't you... Poor Sam.
  9. Seriously, we can make it all about you guest...that's fine by me, but you'd have to participate. So, hows your day going so far?