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  1. He's gorgeous! My first dog was a Springer and black lab mix....most well behaved dog I've ever had. Smart as hell too.
  2. Better ask now in order to get an answer by the end of next month. Even that may be wishful thinking.
  3. You have GOT to get over yourself.
  4. The purse isn't as disturbing to me as the fact that she had a dead cat in her freezer for three months.
  5. Waiting on Squeeze to let us know what the hell is going on. I'd like to get my donation in next week but I want to know what's happening with the site first.
  6. This is getting kinda ridiculous.
  7. I remember it purple mountains too. However I can't really be sure about this one because the last time I sang it myself I believe I was in elementary school so I very easily could have just been singing it wrong. I haven't really paid much attention to the lyrics over the years to be certain which way it's supposed to go.
  8. Has Squeeze said anything yet? Not sure if I missed it. Or is everything still up on the air...
  9. Old man hissy fits last longer than a two year old's. A hell of a lot longer. Just one of the many things this forum has taught me.
  10. You've convinced me madam. And holy shit, eww.
  11. And he adds words, comments, things that actually make sense when you read them whether you agree or not. The gif is no different than a signature. Block him if he bothers you so much, cripes man...need a tissue?
  12. At least he adds commentary to his pics and gifs, so no it's not your classic spam. And he doesn't post 20 of the same picture in each post. So, there's a difference afaic. Eta...he's also my hero.
  13. I don't really have a problem with Lobster Boy either aside from the image spam. Of course, I has a feeling a lot of stuff is moved before I see it too by the sounds of it. So, I'll just be Switzerland on this one. I like Acme though for the most part.
  14. Well he will ya know....by segregating or shipping off everyone that isn't white. Oh, and then there's that wall...
  15. I don't know where he works but I know the general area in which he lives. And I have "People" out that way. Just sayin'