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  1. How exactly does.. 1. Bragging about some super special secret you claim to have knowledge of. 2. Refusing to share it. 3. Calling everyone unworthy of it... ...equate to honorable, kind, and generous behavior? Noblesse Oblige Fail!
  2. Tease. Fine, I'll have to try to forget about this and move on with my life. it's 8 a.m. and I need to get my ass in gear and be productive.
  3. Never done that, is it as thrilling as it sounds?
  4. Well I'm doing it, I must be worthy...So bins, spill em.
  5. You're a terrible tease, Trevor. Give us a hint
  6. Well shucks. I'll never sleep again wondering about this now. You know you wanna tell us or you wouldn't have brought it up. Spill the bins!!
  7. Oh darn, what are we missing? The greatest ever what?
  8. Oh ffs, lol. Being an asshole in guest mode doesn't make you any more intelligent than if you did it signed in.
  9. Put downs by fraidy cats with zero courage have zero effect. At least be brave enough to do it with your face on. The trolls here have no balls.... Sad.