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  1. Probably a bug. That's the ISS by the way, not a ufo.
  2. Okay, I lol'd
  3. You may of course adjust the desired amount of bourbon to your liking. Hot Fudge Bourbon Milkshakes [discovered on Pinterest, adapted from Imbibe Mag] makes 2 big shakes 1 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 ounces bourbon 1/2 cup hot fudge + 2 tablespoons At the bottom of each glass, add 2-3 tablespoons of hot fudge. In a blender, combine milk, ice cream, vanilla extract, bourbon and about 1/4 cup of hot fudge. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into glasses and top with bourbon whipped cream + a another tablespoon of hot fudge. Bourbon Whipped Cream 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 tablespoon bourbon 1 tablespoon sugar Whip ingredients together in an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Top shakes.
  4. Scandinavian countries write in "Donald Duck" as a protest vote. I'm keeping that open as a possibility
  5. Honestly, I may very well end up doing just that.
  6. As things stand now, there's no one I can vote for and not feel just plain wrong about it. It sucks. This whole surreal circus of an election year sucks ass. Hard. Just reading a few posts about it pisses me off, that's why I try to stay away from this shit. Damn my boredom based curiosity. I have to go find something funny to watch now or something.
  7. My boys try. but they're half Native American and they pretty much end up just looking like Shaggy.
  8. I wrote down and googled the number right after I got it. It didn't have any negative reports or anything....didn't bother to pay for a full report. just said it was a landline on Long Island.
  9. Anyone know any Bilfs?
  10. Then there's the sort of lumbersexual I was concerned about...
  11. Seriously. The guys are becoming the high maintenance ones. While here I can be ready to go in 10 minutes or less at any given moment.
  12. I didn't write the description, just shared it. I guess there is a whole spectrum of lumbersexual hairstyling techniques.
  13. The beard's a little scruffy lookin'.