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  1. With elbow patches That's not weird That's class that is
  2. Found it I tell ya There's just no sport left in it these days It's like shooting fish in a barrel
  3. Define "weird"
  4. Why yes Thank you
  5. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
  6. He's quite the gut-slinger isn't he
  7. Someone has to be the voice of dissension You can't get away with shit like that and be excused with a stern look followed by a "off ya trot ya little scamp" Where's the outrage?
  8. You're only human
  9. I don't like him
  10. Not so fast there Sunshine! I can forgive a lot of things But being the reason for making JM a mod ain't one of them LOL!
  11. I just threw a teaspoon of hot chocolate in my coffee
  12. <cue the music>
  13. Agreed™
  14. Breaking Bad is very good but not on par with The Sopranos