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  1. No, I've had my fill of ticks and fleas, thank you. Hahahaha.............. BTW, I'm glad you got your heat finally, IE. And thanks for letting me know it's October 1, not November 1. It usually doesn't get cold around here until Nov, that's why I thought that was the date. And it has been warm here up til now.
  2. Sounds fantastic, except for the upkeep part, LOL. I only ever got a nasty tick in my shoulder once, in freaking Arkansas. Had to be dug out. I think I have a scar. It makes me shudder.
  3. Demon possessed or starting to slip into Reptilian mode?
  4. Thanks, Sarafina. I'm sure you have a lovely forest of your own. :)
  5. That's why my landlord can't do it, it would bankrupt him. There's 16 apts over 3 floors here. Someday I'll get my dream palace.................
  6. Yeah, this building is brick and very sturdy, but old. Around 1880, I think. It would be a real pain to rewire everything. Can't even modernize my landline for DSL, but fortunately it and the phone do work. Next place will have to be a little more modern. :)
  7. Nobody will hear her or the muzzies screaming in hell, Norm.
  8. Just posted today:
  9. WHAT? No Wallyworld POWN? This is unacceptable.
  10. He says that's what he and his wife do. He posted it years ago here. *Blech*
  11. For the die hards. Yummy.
  12. All Spanish speaking. Hmm.............. 48m Surgeon at Desert Regional Medical Center says none of the patients treated after crash in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., spoke English - CBS Los Angeles
  13. 2m California Highway Patrol Chief Jim Abele: Trailer of semi-truck 'entered about 15 feet into the bus' due to the speed during impact End of alert 4m California Highway Patrol: Freeway expected to be re-opened at 4 pm PDT End of alert 5m California Highway Patrol confirms 13 passengers died in Desert Hot Springs crash; all passengers assumed to be adults End of alert 59s California Highway Patrol: I-10 crash left 31 with minor to moderate injuries, including truck driver; tour bus driver among deceased End of alert Yeah, I didn't see how he was going to live ^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. Yeah. Many injured too. News conf. at 4:30 eastern (shortly).
  15. All there is at the moment: 2m Venezuelan congress declares 'coup d'etat' by Maduro government - AFP End of alert