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  1. Massive T-bone . Instead of worsterchire I used Famous dave's devil spit for the condoment . Fries a small salad and chocolate cake
  2. which ? Got my 20 right here xD you are wise
  3. again Be it my guns , wallet or pristine skin !!!!
  4. No zoo animals will deter me from my chosen path. Although im not a disarmed slave like those in chiganistan . If a gang of anyone attempts to assault me they will be laid down for the long nap. MOLON LABE be it guns wallet or my pristine skin xD
  5. Shoooby doooby doo wahhhhh
  6. hi lill
  7. Really? I try to carry even going 2 mins down the street to a friends so I dont get in the habit of not carrying. whyd ya bother getting your ccw if you wernt gonna carry ?