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  1. Like how completely unglued you become when you think Im posting an obit?
  2. It's called dementia. He won't even be here in a year, so we just need to ignore him for now. God bless.
  3. What happened to Alex Jones?
  4. These fake obits are outrageous! I'm a little bitch Canadian and I cant handle them!!!
  5. But let's eat turkey. That will make it all better.
  6. No.
  7. Just like the "migrants", they are nothing but criminals with a few kids and old people thrown in. Weep for them on your own time... "The young men were caught doing so, and in the ensuing back-and-forth, the white settler family who owned the chickens was killed." Stubbies killed settlers to start this all off.
  8. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that's a lot of shit going on! I hope they don't accidentally let the kittys out.
  9. I had a mouse in my house last month. He went bye bye...
  10. I have some fucking State exams to take Wednesday so that's all I'm concerned with. And then, after, I can contemplate food.
  11. Can retards really be "devastated"? They just return to hibernation until the next thingy comes up.
  12. Shame on me Bates died of sudden cardiac arrest on a flight from Austin to Los Angeles, Saturday, November 17, 2018 at approximately 1130amCST. She was 70 years old.