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  1. Bitch won't shut up? They do that nigger thing where they keep repeating the same word???
  2. Grown-ups believing something NASA says...
  3. Cool beans...
  4. And another thing, your Pinto is hardly a "gas guzzler"
  5. The whole thing's a cunt...
  6. Yeah but the whole world is younger than you, so...
  7. I came to understand a bit about this. Deluded American imperial thinking...
  8. Yeah...
  9. They still haven't said how Patton Oswalt's wife died. Suicide...?
  10. It's just that we liked you better as Draco. Or Kevin...
  11. I need to learn to swim...
  12. Where'd ya get a burger?
  13. They just here to grab the internet wires and little internet boxes with them flickering lights and box it all up and take it away.