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  1. Like they walk anywhere.
  2. Psychological fact: A intelligent person can gain many, many followers if the person in question acts like he/she has a big secret that he/she may someday let the less intelligent people know. For some reason, which is not to imply that people over 50 are less intelligent...but for some documented reason, people over 50 are more apt to fall for this trickery. FACT
  3. Brown. Brown stubbie on LivePD about to get kilt.
  4. Musk is a fraud. He is a classic "anti-hero", a puppet of the USA regime.
  5. So it's now a dumpsoot.
  6. Maybe they should be refugees? Move to Paris...Boise...anywheres!
  7. He said NESARA would be announced the day after Hillary's arrest is announced!
  8. UC is an old retard. No dementia. Just mental retardation...
  9. Richard G. Held, 81, former associate director of the FBI and special agent-in-charge of the Chicago office from 1973 to 1976, had headed FBI activities at Wounded Knee, S.D. during the occupation of the town by Native American protesters. He also was in charge of the Chicago office when agents recovered $2.2 million stolen in the Purolator vault robbery. He died Saturday in his home in Minnetonka, Minn. ``He was a good man,`` said FBI agent Bob Long, who worked with him in Chicago. ``He had a knack for surrounding himself with good people and then standing back and letting them do their jobs.`` Why dont they mention he was in L.A. and S.F. in 1969....hmmm.