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  1. A4WD = Automatic 4 Wheel Drive = Vehicle is in 2 Wheel Drive until 4 WD is needed (a tire starts spinning on icy surface, for example) then the transfer case automatically engages the 4 WD for as long as it is needed. This likely should be the default setting. 4H = 4WD High Range = Vehicle is in constant 4WD and can operate at highway speeds. This setting is hard on the system components if used when not needed (icy, muddy roads). It is also hard on the system when one is making sharp turns where the wheels have good traction. Will likely burn more gas than when in A4WD. 4L = 4WD Low Range = Vehicle is in constant 4WD and can only operate at low speeds. Usually used when almost stuck in heavy mud or snow. High torque in this setting makes it the setting for pulling out other vehicles which are already stuck. This setting will probably never be used by the average owner.
  2. Likely there was nothing wrong with the float to begin with. It sounds like the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank is worn and not making a good seal. Replace this, and it should be fixed. Also check that the float is not set too high, allowing water to escape through the overflow (round pipe sticking up above the water level near the centre of the tank).
  4. Fourty years ago my parents had a couple of these same breed of dogs in succession. I never cared for them. Spotti is trying to herd you; it is ingrained in his nature. Hence the bites and nips. It is not necessarily that he does not consider you to be "top dog", it is simply what he was bred to do. When my parents had these dogs their herding was restricted to a free range chicken farm, and they did a great job of herding the fowl. This dog must have a job to do, otherwise he will be uncontrollable. Please google Dr. Stanley Coren, UBC. This is an award winning psychologist, who in his later years before retirement dedicated himself to dog behaviour, and at one time had a TV show on training misbehaving dogs. If I recall correctly, he had a near 100% success rate. I am sure there are some submissions on in regards to his show on utube; I just finished watching a 1 1/2 hour one. Best of luck, stoni, with the puppy.