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  1. 'ello, Mr. Cake. I was just testing the new software to see if I still existed.
  2. Thanks, Stoni. That is wild about your table/chairs then the rake. This morning I took the trash out expecting I would have a mess to clean up when I got to the container that sits one mile from my house at the end of the street. I was shocked that it had not been blown over! I absolutely couldn't believe it, especially after having to stop on the way there to remove tree limbs from the street. I remember the No Name storm of '93. I had a friend that lived in Hudson on a street that stuck out into the Gulf like a finger. She arrived the night of the storm from her home in Michigan, put her luggage on the bed in the spare room and went to sleep. The storm woke her up about 3am. She wondered why the power was out and stepped off the bed into 3 inches of water. By the time she was rescued by a neighbor in a boat, she was on the kitchen counter with the water higher than it was and catching cushions from her couch that would come floating by while she prayed she didn't drown. She said all she could see when the lightning would flash was water everywhere and she couldn't swim. I took her from Daytona Beach back to Hudson to meet the insurance adjuster. Destruction was everywhere. The water line in her house was about 2 inches above the bottom of the top cabinets in the kitchen. No wonder she was so panicked.
  3. She has a cave with a Lear Jet landing strip - not quite as deep as those in power have built but I don't think she cares about living as long as them.
  4. I'll make sure she gets the message - and she would also like to thank everyone that wished her well. lol
  5. A 12 page thread for little old me? I feel quite honoured. Shall I fetch your tea and biscuits now, m'lady?
  6. Guest said it perfectly on page four: But some beliefs can not be proven, they are beliefs based on faith. I can not prove to you that God exists, it's my belief that he does and that he is the creator of heaven and earth. I do belief one day you will not only believe that, but know that, although I can not prove it to you, yet I do believe it.
  7. Beliefs, either you do or you don't, but arguing changes little and usually does more harm than good.
  8. Two things the disciples and early believers did not have; 1) a church 2) a new testament. The Bereans 'searched the scriptures daily' to verify what Paul said. Those scriptures were what we call the Old Testament. The gentile believers went to the synagogues or temple on the sabbaths (not Sundays) to learn what was expected of believers after the four things they were told to abstain from because they would learn the rest in the synagogues. Here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept.
  9. You forgot: :pathead2: Plus you forgot to mention CE.
  10. As an example....... I am new, yet old. I wonder? Do I creep you all out? Maybe it's too weird to log in now, after all of this time... and it would be best to go back to guestitude? I resemble that remark.
  11. Sir, are you a fine looking gent?
  12. I like your idea. You would. Yes, I would.
  13. Madam, every bone in your body is vicious.