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  1. Wow! I noticed that too!!! Getting a little sloppy there Mom.
  2. A couple of sentences and the bitch goes stark raving loony. Poor old thing has no self control whatsoever. Tsk tsk.
  3. I never would have taken you for an idiot but the rapture is very close!!! Bitch. Someone should gang rape you before your rapture, cuuuunnnnnT!!! saved for posterity
  4. I never would have taken you for an idiot but the rapture is very close!!! Bitch. There you are...............! The fear of recasting is always so great here that the mere mention of someone else taking the role for the evening had me on stage in no time.
  5. I never would have taken you for an idiot but the rapture is very close!!! Bitch.
  6. I would work for them, but they wouldn't want me. I am stupid.
  7. I don't work for the government or a fusion center, whatever that is.
  8. Did RE give up?
  9. And it sounds like he needs somebody to kick him in the butt once in a while and say snap out of it and I'm good at that too.
  10. I am an excellent guesser.
  11. This rich person should hire me.
  12. So which forum did the wealthy pain in the ass person buy?
  13. Well well, was I not loyal and up front? Hmmm, I was canned in the most obtuse way imaginable. However, I now have a problem, I disclosed too many personal details and therefore have to turn to legal advice, I was merrily chatting away in vc and suddenly found myself in the mod room, I was fine with this as I thought I was there due to an email I sent re improving traffic. HOWEVER! It seem s I was draggeg into the headmasters office as it was decided that I was in their eyes cr! There were 10 or so minutes of Spanish inquisition, then it got naaaasty, I tolerated this for a while even though being threatened with imprisonment. I had P, Phen, SHR, Act and Troll Hunter (guess who that could be), all on me! Never mind hey. However! They looked back through logs and know my professional earning capacity, Act was polite and understanding, and if were to act (no pun) on that then all would be fine, but the behavior of others in the room leave me no option but to expand my concerns, I feel that they may group together and dig into my professional life and cause me problems with my contacts. This is my f*****g living. Although I feel that this is just a silly game, I am almost certain of that, I can NOT take a chance. I have evolved and wined and dined with the best, however, there is still the Bush boy in me. I am disgusted. Mistaken identity or not, it was the process in which they decided to 'investigate' it that now has my back up. I thought I had theit lawers number but in fact just had the number of the firm called Sanne, and they just deal with copyright etc, so a friend is calling me tomorrow with numbers of legal representatives etc. I am livid. I do understand the panic (if of course it is that and not a game) of the team needing to bleed something out someone, but no ears were listening to me, it was cover arse time. Now, I am a very resourceful man, so let us see if this goes to the next level. Because I will pull every f*****g stop, I don't like being accused of something I have not done! If they cause my business trouble invented from their own insecurities and their own mistake in my identity, christ, hold fucking tight. And I think you have a handle on the type I am, but I am f livid, I can not, and will not take a chance. I will have people you could not believe looking into the infrastructure on the foundations, just to be sure. Stu Clark Hey Stu I did warn you about both misplaced loyalties and posting to much information. It's all so trivial anyway, just silly Chat site drama. I doubt he'll interfere with your business, He tends to go for dumber,poorer American types. A rich brit would be to much trouble. Anyway have some fun with the other forums and Fuck him. Who?
  14. Why do you ask/care? Here, read this again. It makes no sense. Rhys Yesterday, 03:11 AM Post #303 Electromagnatronic Group: Members Posts: 3599 Joined: 7-August 06 Member No.: 1359 QUOTE (That Bastard Trevor @ Feb 13 2011, 06:20 AM) QUOTE (Rhys @ Feb 13 2011, 06:48 AM) Reluctant to post here now because some people think they need to posture aggressively in order to be heard. If you don't go other places and you're just here doing your thing and it feels right to you, thats quite alright. Passions good, and it does add interest, but lets not overreact here.. not on this. Erm, no you came in swinging calling people liars, the posturing is all yours. No Trevor, I came in looking for sensibility. Richard, I'm no stranger to these parts. I'm wholly confident that what guides me takes me to where I want to go. If it gets down to malicious intent around here, I'll not be subject to bad mouthings and forum parlor tricks. By now anyone that knows me would know that I'm big hearted and fair-minded. That right there should be enough said, and a place that calls out a welcoming, but to a few it doesn't carry the message that needs to be sent. It would be wiser to avoid a deep private hatred from me than to consider this a challenge. -------------------- mypulse