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  1. Great. Can you let Khukhu die screaming in the pole shift? That would be swell!
  2. I'm not doing your homework. If you want PR independence, then make your case right here.
  3. I never go back again. Fuck 'em.
  4. Look, Let's grant Puerto Rico the Independence they crave, before we take on yet another nation of parasites. What's that? Puerto Ricans have turned-down independence every time it was offered to them? Well, what a surprise. 'Jit will be mortified.
  5. If I'm LDS (which ever Mormon sect recognizes polygamy), and I marry a Canadian woman, can I get in? Can my current wives get in too?
  6. Wow. An 8" floppy. I haven't seen one of those in a while.
  7. He's been sexually ambiguous like that as far back as anyone can recall.
  8. No, tell him don't. I've heard it all before.
  9. What a typically idiotic Archie thread. I'm contacting the FBI.
  10. What difference does it make? You're a crystal-sucking techno-peasant in any case. Drink a large bottle of Drano.
  11. Determining levels to create nutrition labels. My part comes in to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly, and that the chemistry is sound.
  12. Lately I have spent my time troubleshooting and repairing chromatographs in the lab. I'm still trying to catch-up after being absent from work due to illness. I've got an assistant finally, and training him takes some time. I'm working on Vitamin A (retinol), and beta carotene problems in the lab, and some issues with amino acid analyses. I'm getting ready to buy 2 more HPLCs for a total of 37 in this building. Today I started trying to get a new HPLC mass detector up and running again. I have high hopes for it because it is easy to use and maintain. It's been sitting idle since January because I got hurt and no one knew how to use it. It looks promising, but it's gonna take some maintenance after sitting idle for almost 8 months.
  13. I never heard of it either. I had to look it up. It's the smallest recognized unit of measure in the SI (aka metric) system. I was amazed that lab instruments could see levels that low.