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  1. I read somewhere that you could use 10mm ammo in a S&W 40, but there was a real risk of the weapon exploding.
  2. I think you might be mistaken. I seem to recall warnings against using 10mm ammo in a weapon designed for 40 S&W. I forget the actual phrase, but it amounted to instant field stripping.
  3. Jerky is like sex. It's all good, but some is better than others.
  4. I don't reload any more. Is that a Browning Hi-Power?
  5. Even Pugsly could put a bullet in her mouth without a lot of practice.
  6. Let the record reflect that the motion is passed without dissent.
  7. OK. Get a cheap 22, and shoot yourself. Both racial animosities in your household would be thus resolved.
  8. Get two. I'm partial to .45 ACP or .40 S&W in a semi-automatic, plus a 357 magnum revolver. Lots of stopping power, and affordable ammo.
  9. Norm has clearly never gotten a blow job.
  10. I'm trying it now
  11. Windows platform only. Internet Explorer xx don't count. This is not an OS call-out. I need a fast, stable browser for Windows 7+
  12. You don't get a free hand-holding in this forum. Take it like an adult.
  13. I can only Imagine how humiliating it must be for you 'ricans to be an impotent colony of the USA.