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  1. Can you make a decent BLT sandwich out of it? That's the acid test.
  2. My sister-in-law makes a cuke-onion-daikon salad with tomato and black pepper in apple cider vinegar. If you can't get daikon, radishes will do. Damn. Now I won't be able to sleep until I get some.
  3. Refrigerator dill pickles. I hear that people eat sweet pickles, but I'm not one of them.
  4. Remember the movie Field of Dreams? Ray Kinsella's ghost father asked him: "Is this heaven?" Ray: "It's Iowa" Ray's father: "I could have sworn it was heaven." Come to Iowa, Ironhide.
  5. I'm sorry things are not going well for you. I'll think some positive thoughts for you.
  6. Yikes!
  7. I'm happy, except I want one of those robot vacuum cleaners.
  8. I gotta ask. What bacteria is this that produces hydrogen, and what does it eat? Sounds like a renewable source of fuel.
  9. International Skeptics Forum.
  10. There was this 13 year old black boy in 1970 who was joyriding in a truck with with some other teens. The cops pulled them over, lined them up, and proceeded to cave their heads in. The 13 yo was named Elton Hayes. He died from his injuries. Memphis burned that night. It was worse than the aftermath of Dr Kings death. I could see the fires from my bedroom.
  11. Do you remember when Dr King was killed? I saw armed soldiers on Union avenue a block from my house.
  12. ISF
  13. Jit,I have once again reported your ingrate ass to Homeland Security for biting the hand that feeds you. I can only hope that you try to foment a rebellion against your benefactors in the USA. They will teach you and your ilk a lesson you will never forget.
  14. The Woo Woo is strong on this thread. Are any scientists weighing-in?