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  1. I very clearly remember that too.
  2. I agree.
  3. Change is good. Thanks, Mr. Beeps and Squeeze!
  4. ZOMG Whitney Houston died?
  5. Squeeze's gag reflex Twatwaffle
  6. Curm once banned me. NEVAR FORGET.
  7. That's a lot of bad stuff to be happening all at once. I'm sorry for your losses, Stoni.
  8. sulfites in the wine clouded his judgement, but maybe he was trying to pull off a drug deal Maybe he was just rocking the boat.
  9. It is when you're stupid and paranoid. Then again, those are the defining characteristics of the conspiracy forums. Maybe the JREF forum would be more to your liking?
  10. The captain may have been overdosing on nitrates.
  11. Ain't nothing wrong with exploring possibilities, Guest.
  12. What is the mineral content of these planets?
  13. What will happen when there are no more galaxies left to mine? What will we do then?
  14. There are many, many planets out there for us to mine. Soon it will all be ours.
  15. I don't read the multi-line posts. Subconsiously you do.