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  1. I've read many stories about children in India recalling their past lives.
  2. That sounds interesting.
  3. He lacks self-control.
  4. They locked him out and covered the glass with newspaper.
  5. It was funnier without the added on stash and cap. The locks on his office have been changed.
  6. @westannexnews Councillors & gallery, stand by to duck and cover. The Fords are going to explode when the votes are over.
  7. @YahooCanadaNews Rob Ford says "You guys have just attacked Kuwait," during debate to reduce his powers, vows "all out war."
  8. There he goes again: http://www.680news.com/2013/11/18/video-mayor-ford-blows-kiss-to-coun-vaughan-at-city-hall/
  9. In other news, Mt Etna has been erupting for the past while.
  10. Not to take away from the soap opera but: First Fuel Rods Plucked From Tsunami-Damaged Fukushima Plant http://n.pr/1f9eoPK
  11. He's already a rich man. His family owns a very successful company.
  12. @YahooCanadaNews BREAKING: Toronto city councillor Doug Ford introduces a motion for a snap mayoral election.
  13. UPDATED: Council takes recess after Ford gets into argument with members of public http://www.cp24.com/news/ford/council-takes-recess-after-ford-gets-into-argument-with-members-of-public-1.1547840#ixzz2l1xJnQ3t …
  14. http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1045800&playlistId=1.1548574&binId=1.815892&playlistPageNum=1