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  1. Shit I haven't seen one meteor, not even one, and I've been out looking two nights now. It's a bust in So Cal
  2. Like WTF happened to PWR and then I logged in and got my answer.....whew, I was scratching my head for a second there
  3. Wow sorry to hear that old friend. I know it may not help now but do know that she still lives on. You will see her again but not in the physical. That isn't much help when you are missing her so much but stay strong my friend
  4. And?...........never mind I'm not into circle jerks
  5. If you can make believe He didn't exist, then why can't she make believe He celebrated Christmas? Please point out the logic in your statement
  6. Good god dog.............cat nip? That shit will fuck your life 4 ever. You need help bro
  7. I wonder how their going to spin that one
  8. Those or just blowing out into some poor bastards living room, garage or yard. What was even stranger he said was when that happened suddenly you could take a bath in it and all was well. Go figure
  9. One of the guys at work used to do fracking. He was telling me horror stories about how the substance they pump into the ground, which he described as a mixture of oil and soap has one of the highest ratings for contamination, as in they took it real serious if you got any on you.He also described 'frack outs' that happened regularly where they would be pumping that shit in and suddenly lose pressure which meant that it had found a way to the surface again often under someones house, and they would have to go driving around looking for the exit to the surface if there were no reports of houses sinking etc.
  10. Rockstar energy drink, Monster sucks rocks
  11. Definitely.......... happy birthday CE
  12. I listened to this a week ago but forgot to write something. This track sounds like an exhibition of right hand picking technique coupled with left hand trills and fingerboard jauntiness cycled through swirling fx. I just checked the video that shows you playing and it appears you do indeed play guitar right-handed. My wife just said it sounds like some one tuning their guitar
  13. It looks like a negro robot dodo bird