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  1. Have fun, susie q. ;^)
  2. I'll leave this shitfest soon enough, got trips to make and people to visit. Since I'm the one that's making it more and more negative, it should return to it's positive uplifting roots once I walk out the door. Then you can come back and all will be well with the world. :)
  3. You're obviously new, that or you've got advanced Alzheimers. I've seen a lot lower here.
  4. I will continue to say what I want, not about someone claiming without proof to be a veteran I wasn't aware that a contractor driving a truck was considered a "veteran" Edit to add: No, I don't really believe he saw any part of the arabian continent. The closest he got was when he tripped, in florida, and fell into a face full of sand. I just hate lying assholes, about military service.
  5. That's a vast overestimation.
  6. You have a good time.
  7. No, it is not alright, But you posted his and his families, why is it not alright for him to do it?
  8. and all it took was showing his repeated lies....................... sarafina
  9. Repeating the same lies over and over doesn't provide any type of proof. It's merely spamming. next
  10. You can FTR this also. I've made no threats, no accusations in any formal sense, nor have I incited others to do anything. And I've done nothing to violate either LW's tos nor the rules of PWR.
  11. And we'll pursue this type of criminal activity to the ends of the Earth. Actually according to the website suspicions are enough to get an investigation started. But it would be interesting to see who you would pursue.