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  1. I'm happy that you asked I'm unhappy that you started a poll......................................................................well at least about the no pie option :sad:
  2. I think he's being silent vs being gone ;^)
  3. “Nevermore.”
  4. humph
  5. He thinks he's santa and just wants you to sit on his lap. That's Margie.
  6. demonoid or pirate bay, then google not that I torrent much. ;^)
  7. Take care of yourself, my friend.
  8. LoL
  9. I've nothing against lather. But can we get new lather, or at least less used than what we've seen from dumb and dumber, the three amigos, etc.
  10. I used xfce for a while, then migrated to lxde, then realized I didn't need a desktop manager, window manager, panel, a few apps, I'm good to go. I know there were some problems with btrfs a while back, especially with raid 5/10. I've been running it for a while (non-raid) and no corruption (I still backup the whole system nightly though) YMMV
  11. Ssh I've heard he's a giant asshole, a goatse sized one
  12. Oh come now, I find this hard to believe We all know that DC and I make others do things