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  1. So your name is really Gay Caballero? I guess it does explain the frilly shirt fixation
  2. I like a good curry
  3. I doubt it since I have no idea who you're talking about Another guest, probably on some proxy. Frankly I don't care if several guests all using the same proxies get banned en masse. Not PWR's problem.
  4. I concur
  5. Leave her's just a bad hair day
  6. Come here, ya little cutie
  7. It's part of the game they play. They keep hoping that they'll be allowed to continue to own the forum with their crap.
  8. But, but, but I complemented you on your eating your veggies.
  9. I don't think she's amused On the other hand I'm glad to see she's eating her veggies.
  10. Senacaca pulling the old "i've been here since day one" crap. So what!!! So have I, Ankhy and a few others. Doesn't matter, people are tired of the racist/gay/own the forum with spam crap. Find a new home.
  11. Hey douche go find another fag that you can kill with your kindness...............we're not interested.