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  1. So, now we have Rhys, Strat, Pulgosa and Martin Fake telling people who can/should post and what they can/should post. Seems to me like we traded one set of dominant clique assholes for another. Same as it ever was.
  2. I applaud your attempt to applaud, Sir. It's the thought that counts.
  3. Here's to your optimism. *clink*
  4. To what end? Do you really think any of them are capable of changing their opinions based on a single photo, or a mountain of evidence?
  5. Yeah, 'cause it matters what Pulgosa thinks... Said no one, ever.
  6. So, your friend-with-benefits donates a chunk to the board, and you think that makes you king of everybody? Go fuck yourself, man-whore. You don't get to decide who says what to whom.
  7. "Russian collusion" isn't ABOUT "the fucking PLACE"... It's about an agenda supporting Communism over Capitalism. You, most clearly are, a Communist sympathizer.
  8. ...Because you don't have MEMORY. Your "first" of a day is "first" in your tiny MIND.
  9. You weren't at all concerned about all the reports of Obama's sucking cock on the side (and its subsequent HIV risk), so why the feigned concerned over Presidential health? There's a line of succession, you know. Does the thought of "President Pence" terrify you SO much, that you're suddenly concerned for his well-being?
  10. Also, you're a little bitch, just like Nokia... You name-call like a motherfucker, but if someone calls you a name, you sanctimoniously chide them for resorting to calling you names. You do it all the damn time. You're just a whiny, hypocritical little tone-deaf bitch, and nothing more.
  11. FIRST of all, you're using Wikipedia as your source. Secondly, the latest year they give stats for is 2010 (this is now 2018). Thirdly, no mention of whether Jews are included in the "white" grouping. Fourthly, every year the "Greatest Generation" and "Baby Boomers" are dropping more and more like flies in a pesticide-bombed house. Never mind the great "Opioid Crisis". Finally, who the fuck said anything about "whites"- I sure didn't. I mentioned IMMIGRANTS vs. NON-IMMIGRANTS. You've once again shown your anti-white bias, unprovoked. So, fuck right off with your tone-deaf methods of arguing. Just because you THINK something, doesn't make it so.
  12. There you go AGAIN, being obtuse... The U.S. population is only "growing" because of immigration and newly-dropped babies from said immigrants. You're just going to have to rub one out on your own- I don't have the time or inclination to feed you today (or any day, for that matter).
  13. Well, you don't just pack up and move from your house because your dog keeps breaking out of his fence!
  14. ...Your ankle-biting dog is running loose in the neighborhood again!