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  1. This is a dumbed-down game for the masses, modeled after an already-successful game that has caught on world-wide, Ingress. I met a guy (probably an agent) who is WAY into Ingress. Way, way TOO into it. ETA: Due to the Google angle, I'm SURE there is some underlying nefarious purpose for all of this, but I haven't yet kenned it, exactly (besides giving the app access to all of your emails and other data).
  2. Congrats, Norm. But... You really could use a good editor to correct the spelling/grammatical mistakes. People would more likely take you seriously if you address these things.
  3. No they're not, dipshit. They're staying away because posters like you are boring as fuck and most of the interesting posters, as Soul alluded to, are off doing other, probably infinitely more productive things. Many of us predicted this day would come, and now it has. You can't be a bunch of psychopaths for years and then act all shocked, and shit, when no one wants to come around and take the abuse, FFS. Watching some of you be genuinely confused about this IS fucking hilarious, though! .
  4. Except- (and I've explained this many times on this board)- that isn't how it works. Two differently-colored domestic cats are still the same species/sub-species (I.e: "race"). Color has VERY LITTLE to do with "race", but the ignorance of 99.9% of the populace on the subject keeps the masses confused. An orange house cat and a black house cat would be properly analogous to a black-haired Irish person of Caucasian descent and a red-haired Irish person of Caucasian descent. Inherited recessive traits do not equal "race".
  6. Of course, the OP is trying to draw a dubious comparison to non-white races of immigrants, yet fails to see the irony that the GREATEST racial parasite of all are his beloved "Chosen". The level of parasitism and exploitation by his preferred race is unparalleled among the Hominids. .
  7. Fair enough.
  8. Except that hourglass bands and color are not how to positively identify a Copperhead. Many, many non-venomous snakes can have identical patterns/colors. The vertical pupils combined with the sub-loreal pit is how to positively identify one. And, they're not considered deadly-venomous, so why kill it?
  9. I believe at some point (probably not in any of our lifetimes) it will be made known that the controllers know we need to continuously extract these "fossil fuels" to prevent or at least slow the expansion of the planet due to internal pressures.
  10. Why must you continue to talk about others being "dumbed-down" when you use as many periods in an ellipsis as pleases you, confuse "relegate" with "regulate", etc.? You have no authority to speak about being not-dumb. .
  11. You speak of the importance of learning "the basics", and then you go and capitalize "Penmanship" and misspell "existence"... WTF??? I actually fall somewhere in between you all in the argument, but this-? Just go take a nap, old man.
  12. Well, guys, this has been short but fun- if nothing else, I got to get the new forum owner's jimmies rustled. But, alas, I have a busy day tomorrow, so I have to bid you all "adieu", for now...