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  1. We joke up here in Minnesota that the state bird is actually a mosquito. We have so many lakes, streams rivers, wetlands swamps...etc the critters are practically coming out of our ass. I live on a wild preserve bordering on a massive freeway but the wetland goes into our water supply. To control the skeeter we have regular visits from helicopters dropping pellets of what we now conclude are dragonflies. Dragonflies appear immediately after the divebombing...they are natural mosquito control and this doesn't disturb the eco environment. The city protects this preserve to keep its integrity. It's actually pretty effective. We have West Nile up here so mosquito control is important. Also they try to keep bird population healthy (and bats too) to help control the skeeter population. There are ways to naturally handle the skeeters.
  2. You are right and this is comforting.
  3. Can someone pm me the obit link? Thanks in advance.
  4. I thought about her recently and just poked in here to see this. Devastated. She went through so much. She wanted to make sense of her Mary and Orbs event...I hope she finds some peace now. Funny we were both on similar vibes at times and I revisited my hermeticism studies about the same time she was departing this realm. We both were attracted to the gnostic mysteries....I hope we can convene again. In aetherworld. Much love to you Cass.
  5. Why....mosquito bloodletting is our longevity secret bwahahaha. I'm actually 600 years old. Comte st. Germain's younger hotter sister Lulu.
  6. @random sorry I posted the wrong name
  7. Lol! #cabinlivesmatter #toostupidtojustrentmyweekendplace #bloodthirstymosquitos #alreadydrunkat7am #heycanbudweiserbegoodbaitheywatchthis #fucktheonewalleyerule Glad I can sail through traffic on the weekends in summer
  8. I'm in sw minneapolis suburb. It's been quiet here. The protests will be at a mall near my brother's house. Hopefully he goes to his place in Wisconsin. We don't need outsiders stirring up shit that isn't necessary. Like Rayne said, not a big deal; not a great day to head to the mall up there. Besides most of the Twin Cities are clogged up on 169 and 94 trying to get to their priorities.
  9. I thought the British one was hilarious.
  10. Thanks IrishEyes. Oh yes I'm definitely doing spreadsheets and also an app (goodbudgets) that my husband and i share so we can be on the same page. It's my husband who doesn't want to be on the same page I think is the real problem. He doesn't like how I'm challenging him in our spending allocations. My business is rounding the I hire freelance content creators to review and demo and photograph my products my sales are improving...sloooowly. It will all unfold exactly how it's supposed to! Thanks IE.
  11. Thank you Strat. I'm very sorry for the gigantic thread drift.
  12. My bankruptcy is Chapter 13 which means I have a payment plan that I must abide for the next 60 months. As a former loan officer let me say that the benefits out way to bummers. All the creditors get paid who answer to the trustee's 341 meeting. The plan gets approved and I make my first payment. All creditors must take 0% interest as I make payments. I must make 36 months (3 years) payments before they (the trustee) can decide to end the plan or up to 60 months. If I have more than 60.months worth of debt....the remaining balance goes away. (I don't have that much). My business and cosmetics (made in the USA under the brand Mystic Chic) are finally getting some steam because it takes grey matter, time, and positive cash flow to get traction. I couldn't focus on shit last year...I was spending full time energy (30 to 40 hours per week) on my mom and my inventory sat at the warehouse and my home for months. Long story short, my 47 year old married brother refuses to list my mom's house for sale because he's living in it for free. He won't do an estate sale. He drives her car while his own sits in the driveway rotting (where he can sell it for 3500). His wife lives in another house and collects 600 a month for child support. She is acting as my mom's bookkeeper. He has been employed for the last 3 years in some capacity earning at least 30,000 more likely 60k l. I hired an attorney for mom because I thought he was financially exploiting her. But my mom has all her faculties and legally she can allow this to happen with her consent. it's a property transfer for living in the house for free 5 years before she goes on Medicaid. If he gets declared her caregiver he does not have to pay 60k in rent arrears. The whole thing is bullshit since I was doing ALL the work and finally I had to walk away. He going to get away with it. Needless to say, the extended family knows this shit is happening so I got in front of the message. Oh did I mention he owes 120k in taxes not filed....ever? Gross incompetence. And mom defends his ass. I was fucking done. I have learned so much about my own power. I learned that while my husband loves me, he unconsciously sabotages me not realizing it. I learned that he blows his money all over the place but gets real butt hurt when he realizes he has to cover my ass if I come up short for the 1k per month BK payment. He has his own debts that don't add up in my book but I'm calling him on it. I realize that whenever he gives me financial advice I must do the exact opposite! And my leverage is that I can sell my car for 9k and drive his in a heartbeat for the summer if he ever bitches about the BK payment. He was the one encouraging me to serve my mom until I just said "fuck this shit". He told me to turn down a weekend job that paid 17.60 an hour (he travels during the week) only for me to tell him a part time job pays less and that I will still have to work weekends. See? He's sabotaging me and probably has no clue. He wanted me to do a garage sale but is not agreeing to the date nor helping me with it. His job is really good and now he just got a promotion which means I will still be stuck picking up all the and house shit. He makes more than two full time workers...yet attributes his debt to me not working. Still doesn't add up. Bonuses and tax refunds (which my business contributed to) did not pay for things i thought were handled and instead were put on credit cards without my knowledge. So he has a mindset and belief system that convinces himself that he makes the money and is not accountable to me and I made some money which kept my own bills paid until I couldn't really focus.on my business. We were not accountable to each other. My debt counselor said THAT WAS THE PROBLEM. WE KEEP OUR ACCOUNTS SEPARATE. So now that this money drunk is slowly getting sober, I see the mindset of my partner as also a money drunk. Let me make it clear...we don't have "toys" we have kid therapies and cash flow management problems. We don't shop or live high on the hog. I discovered that my husband paid more in charity and massage therapy (you don't want to know) than what I could contribute in month. I'm seeing where he blows his cash and yet points his finger at me. I saw this happen to couples where one works and the other doesn't (gender neutral). The one who makes more money feels entitled to spend however he or she wishes. And makes the other feel like they don't have the same "equity" in the partnership. So the good news is, i do have more leverage here than I realized. I can and will demand a quicken printout once a week. I will make him take the required credit counseling course so his eyes are open to the misallocation of our funds. I'm done with his butthurt. I'm calling him out. I learned recently that for the last 50 years NO ONE has been on my corner. I learned that all the goodwill that I thought I had in my relationships would give me something back. This last year in particular I was suffering from personal power and financial cancer. I asked myself...if I had cancer would my husband drop his his hours and go to every doctors appointment and deal with the kids? I answered yes. But.I am suffering from a differentnorm of personal power and financial cancer and that makes my husband deeply uncomfortable. I learned no one is in my corner. I was found by half sister in 2014 and learned I am one of 6 children born from.the same mother. (I'm the second placed under adoption) All my half siblings were reunited but me because my birth mother won't admit she had me. I see them on Facebook and it really fucking hurts. 2015 was the year i leared how I squandered my power. Now that i know all that, and have been growing in my self awareness (and yes astrology really helped me a lot with this shit...coaching me and showing my shadow side to myself) I feel far more powerful and more focused. My own assertiveness and concrete discovery of where 8 have been fooling myself is like a magic wand of power. For those who Saturn.conjunct my Natal Neptune 8n Scorpio when my half sib found me. My fantasies of my identity confronted reality. Pluto is on my Ascendant. North Node is on my natal Pluto and Uranus I had my Chiron return earlier this year Neptune is on my natal Saturn right now. Progressed Mars is on my ascendant. Progressed Ascendant and progressed Moon are in Aries. Uranus and Eris are opposing my Sun. Admetos is on my Sun Degrees are exact or.within 3 degree orb. God is definitely into Geometry. I literally can't make this Ok. Done venting for now. Thanks for the love.
  13. Cancer is a son of a bitch. Sigh. Hugs to you.
  14. Brainwave music on youtube has some awesome binaural beats that help on different levels including immunity depression focus you name it. I highey recommend it.
  15. Oh autocorrect is my nemesis. And thumbs too.