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  1. . I Luv kittahs .
  2. . You know whats obvious ? Embracing Evil is Obvious . You Are the Problem . A true sense of Morality is the answer . If you Vote for a WarMonger Murderer . You are an accomplice . Stop trying to justify your insecurity . Stop being Afraid . .
  3. . WTF ? Is this Guest (FCN WARMONGER) engaging in Doublethink ? War is Peace ! Fucking Classic Thank You .. You Fucking Idiot . .
  4. . Blood clot and pneumonia WTF ?? !! Colloidal silver would have saved her life . It kills pneumonia dead and is a better anticoagulant than plavix Oh .... Damn RIP TH .
  5. . Damn just how many people from J'ville are here anyway ? .
  6. . The Eye stone powered by the Arks' through the Djed pillar created an artificial gravitational anomaly .. this effect energized the entire structure . This created an anomaly that intersected with the magnetosphere . This allowed by modulation a controlled plasma stream . That was conducted by the rail system and quenched in mercury . They should pay better attention to the Known Facts . The only known areas of the interior to have been effect by high voltage are the "kings coffer"and the shafts . Gold capstone my ass ... The pyramid system built as a belt around the Earth will power the entire planet 24/7 .. The danger being a runaway cascade event .. The evidence of such an event can still be seen on google earth . .
  7. . The Power Plant theory is very well done as is the research of the Pyramid Code . The Capstone idea is an error . The Top of the Pyramid was the place of the Djed Pillar and the Eye Stone . Read about the various Eye Stones throughout the Egyptian records known as myths . Why do you think the Crystal ball has been revered and sought by every power in every age ? It is really unfortunate that they continue to ignore the evidence that gives the Egyptian message cohesion and a defined purpose . This anomalous artifact that has been verified by scientific researchers of the highest caliber is THE KEY . .
  8. . Here is the external picture in stone ...
  9. . It's the old rotating electromagnetic Field thingie ... Philadelphia Experiment .. Montauk ... The Airforces antigrav fleet Tesla discovered time / space could be changed by a charged rotating magnetic field. A stable Hole in time /space open to "HyperSpace " allows you to travel to any point in time / space instantaneously . This effect was created within the "Queens "Chamber rotation induced by the Two 'Kings" Chambers opposite polarities acting upon the .. Exotic energy stream carried by the plasma flow induced by the gravitational anomaly of the structure Marduk Right Again . .
  10. . Confronted with a similar situation that over a few YEARS escalated to violence . I resorted to a baseball bat across the shins ... worked great he left with a double limp that lasted a month or so . I figured that was better than crushing his trachea and beating his brains out with my bare hands . Some people you just cant reach with words . Sad but true . .
  11. . http://concen.org/tracker/torrents-details.php?id=22261 http://www.fox19.com/Global/story.asp?S=13774617 .
  12. . Thanks for the Laughs ... and the Kicks in the ass . You're Beautiful .. I miss you . I never thought I'd shed a tear for someone I've never met .... anyway .. we'll all be along shortly .. save me a seat with a view if ya can . .
  13. . Born or Created .. ?? .
  14. . Maybe ... He was just ordering some bloody eggs . .