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  1. Finally got too much time and spotty Internet access. Figured I'd stop in for a bit and see who's the pivot man in this circlejerk! I see were using the throwback banner, that doesn't bode well. Has the blatant, pointless racism slowed down at all? Becky still threatening to wind dance a dumpster at DC?
  2. I know a guy with a low power station broadcasting out of his kitchen. Bet he would love for some shadowy group to slither through the window and hijack his signal. Best damn advertising he could never afford.
  3. Pugs had a couple decent dance moves. Beats the geriatric bingo most nights.
  4. I got a couple kicking around the shop. last i checked they both needed about $120 worth of ink. Ill check if you actually care. Good to see you, Jonesy.
  5. How bout 22kbs down and 17 kbs up? Thats my average at home. but, i am tethered to a desktop and at the ragged edge of tower covereage.
  6. Roses are red violets are glorious Dont play hide and seek with oscar pistorious
  7. Wow, thought this shit was fixed way back.
  8. Indeed. i'd hate to sully your virtuous name by asking you anything, guestie.
  9. Good. This place needed some consistency. Wall to wall assholes with their face on is cool with me. D.C. still doing the U.F. boogie? Or has he setlled on 3-4 a.v.s?
  10. So, anybody of note run off or died lately?
  11. Whats with the schitzo routine? is guestie renamed by default?
  12. thats an awfully big gun for a target like this. Not to mention impossible. Why pentest a dumpster?
  13. The place looks good, are we still spinnin in circles?
  14. This funk smells familliar.....self righteous with a touch of superiority complex. I swear I know's like d.c. & spammy had a unnatural beastial affair....What could it be?? Maybe we need a savior to show us the one true way...
  15. Gotta admit, that bullshit had legs.Tho watching burisch squirm & make shit up on the fly was the most fun. That & watching starry try to defend a member of mj-12 living in a vegas apartment with robotic m.i.b. attacks happening weekly..... Shit just got sad.