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  1. This funk smells familliar.....self righteous with a touch of superiority complex. I swear I know's like d.c. & spammy had a unnatural beastial affair....What could it be?? Maybe we need a savior to show us the one true way...
  2. Chapel Bell was an shaped explosive designed to send a penetrator as deep as possible into the lunar regolith. The seismic stations & the LEM itself recorded the resulting event. While Chapel Bell itself has not been declassified, the data it recovered was never made secret. (weird, I know.) Most of the data is available for study in the archives of the Lunar Surface Experiments Team at Johnson. I wouldn't start by asking about Chapel Bell, but the data is listed by date. A smart fella can figure it out. And Shit.
  3. Is this Hoagie's buddy who got you all excited? Does he have pretty pictures? Go read a book, mouth.
  4. Why should I be careful, I'm not a lying piece of shit and I'm unimpressed by the implied threat in your tone, shove it sideways and watch. Nansen be fucked, so it's a ditch according to pictures and the crew, for all their 'I look out there and still can't believe' and ' Good gracious, look at Nansen' is exactly what you'd expect from guys used to endless profanity. One of Gus Grissoms last angry outbursts was 'Shit'.- seconds before being sacrificed in a lethally dangerous EXERCISE. Why don't they blow the hatch says one observer watching the fire on his monitor, why not indeed. Warning: [Trap] Suit yourself. You want to believe Kubrick & Disney filmed models & wrote scripts, have at it. But, so long as you have it all figured out, why was Chapel Bell detonated & for what purpose? I mean, the whole thing was on a soundstage & badly filmed by lazy rotoscope operators....So, explain Chapel Bell, Limeington. Bet you cant.
  5. Careful, old boy. I know a little about Taurus-Littrow & the south massif is assuredly on the lunar surface. As is Nansen.
  6. Ask Billy Bongo There were only a few coveted refuge coffee cups sold and made, I gave mine away to guardian I think!!!! Bongo has my mug? Fuck.
  7. Where the hell is my Upper Tier coffee mug, Squeeze?
  8. A weeks worth of J.V. is all it takes these days? How far the mighty have fallen.....
  9. If you aint down with the Cake or the Limey, Fuck you hard & relentless. I swear, some of you pussies want another chat brats so bad it hurts.
  10. ? While I dont remember flaming you, Limington, I'm sure it's possible.And fuck you if you don't like it. Oh, yeah, I totally claim "Limington".
  11. Which Mam? Which time? You ever get tired of tilting at windmills, Sancho?
  12. The Holy Shit, I'm Going Back To Chat Brats You People Are Fucking Deranged-ers
  13. The Diplomats The fuse lighters The perpetual victims The career dickheads The Sport Socks Oh yeah, and Defiler.
  14. I'm kenticus & I endorse this message. Step up, pussies. The machine is rusty & needs the blood of newbies.