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  1. Ask them, I'm sure they considered the 12 nanosecond analysis too.
  2. Ankhy's Hall of Hate. lol
  3. Yes, I earned pages of vitriol for daring to accuse a spammer of spamming. But I'm PROUD to be on her hate list.
  4. It shows only that [she's] as sick and pathetic as he is - he truly is the epitome of an 'adult' with a severely mentally retarded age of 5.
  5. I might upgrade tomorrow, that strips ads and gives me a domain for a year. It adds another bunch of stuff too.
  6. BUILDING A GENERATOR: This project will attempt to reproduce the 1 KiloWatt GENERATOR shown yesterday and in Fig 1 below. This thread will be replaced by a .pdf file linked at my FREE website, where it can be downloaded or not without the comment and detritus so popular around here. It starts by showing how the device must be a motor and generator at the same time, it being a self-driven system consisting of Magnets, Coils and a Software Controller with Electronics. This thread is now donated to the cockroaches and other scuttling creatures who reside here. Fig 1: Completed 1 KW self-driven Generator showing Coil arrangement on the fixed outer Stator. Centre pin shows the Magnetic Rotor Axis of rotation. There are 55 Stator coils, 11 parallel straight Rows of 5. The outer circle of pins pass through semicircular slots cut into the square coil holders locking them in place. The device is scalable, where only the software timing changes, the circuits remain the same. <Click> <Tick> <Tick> <BOOM!!>
  7. This provides an excellent example of balance, and using imbalance to provide work. BUT FIRST, A NEW THREAD TO INTRODUCE MOTOR/GENERATOR PRINCIPLES.
  8. While you're just a worthless prick - your choice.
  9. There's a flywheel driven bus in one Swiss town. Each bus stop has contacts used for 'topping up' the flywheel speed - ALSO, all braking uses the flywheel as a load which acts like Formula 1 kinetic braking systems.
  10. Not a joke, each crane has one of the lift cables attached via a gearbox and clutch to a flywheel. Each time the crane lowers a container, the cable used is the flywheel drive, using the flywheel to slow the dropping container. In other words, the weight of the container is spinning the flywheel as it drops onto the ship or truck. Each crane has its own flywheel, each flywheel connected to a generator. The generators are summed electronically, so each one adds to the total power output. It would be possible to include water tanks to store energy by raising them via gearboxes then dropping them when more power is required. Tower bridge in London used a water tank raising scheme to open the roadway when ships needed to pass.
  11. Such people get what they play for, and the old 'abused as a child' is well stale by now. If you can't get over it, get on with it.
  12. WAKE UP - SLAP!!
  13. Really? I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell 'ee.
  14. Gay pride, isn't that where a bunch of horribly unhealthy or unattractive guys [particularly] dance round in their dirty underwear and beg to get aids? If that's pride, there's quicker ways and the state needs to learn 'em.