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  1. Hmmmmm....LOL A country that is so full of willfully ignorant people that they would not only nominate, cheat the real Democratic primary winner, and then finally possibly elect Hillary Clinton is one R-I-D-C-U-L-O-U-S place to live! Speaking of the real winner...Hey did anyone hear about Bernie's new additional $$600,000$$ dollar house? I don't care if it was bought, traded, or gifted. Who the hell does he think he is fooling on that one... Just another disappointing reality in the grand scheme of things. Isn't it so very obvious how much he really feels about all his supporters now? He didn't even have the decency to wait a few months until things had quieted a bit to throw those dollar bills down for it. I went on snopes (which is laugh riot because its such a bullshit site), I figured if any place on the internet would defend this crap it would be snopes. I was right of course. Here is a basic summary of what they report: (insert nasal Herman Milktoast voice) "Oh, it's okay people, he just traded it out because his other inherited vacation mansion in Maine was just too far and too remote for his family to enjoy!". Awwww, poor Bernie needed a closer mansion with a lakefront view in order to make things right. I guess you need three exclusive homes close to your seat of power (with scenic views) to make it right huh? Anything less would have been unfair to all his supporters I imagine. Weak. If you don't know anything about it, its probably because you get your newz on CNN. . CNN has so much false and biased material it is astounding. Case in point: the sister of Sylville Smith in Milwaukee being reported on CNN as "asking for peace" (with a very edited audio/video) when instead she was doing the EXACT opposite and calling for rioters to burn down the suburbs so they can keep their weave shops---apparently they need weaves more than sanity when the riots are on.... Look it up! Look up CNN's version of the story vs reality. This is not an anomaly in CNN land either. It's absolutely typical of what I see on CNN and any other horrible ilk of that kind. It's a frequent occurrence that they report the opposite of the truth. My mama always said the opposite of the truth was a lie. It's nothing but paid shills, and snarky, hateful, elitists on TV newz. I often hear the same snarky hate parroted on this site. That is what compelled me to post. Anyway, this is nothing new. This is the same old saga that always existed. Lying liars who lie, and weak minded sheep being led to the brink of self destruction. Weak minded sheep being geared up to go out and do the bidding of the lying liars that lie. Absolutely power corrupting absolutely. People need to start listening with open eyes to what they hear from the snarky liars on TV, in church, or in the college classroom. Don't let the snarky liars make a giant a-hole out of you. I canceled cable five or six years ago so I get zero influence from that hot damn mess.
  2. Good point about the age thing.
  3. I am undecided.
  4. Does Martin love anyone? LOL I know who you mean the little Gazoo guy. I am serious though, I really truly believe they rigged it, he did WAAAAY better than they had planned....
  5. I have been starting to watch this seriously now...yes... Ankhy... I am from Florida, and my entire family lives there. I better ask them of their experiences about this fogging and if they have seen it in their cities/hoods. Most live in Naples, and some live in the North Port/Venice area.
  6. Honestly I do. I kinda liked that old coot. I am sure there have been a thousand threads about it already. Just my two cents
  7. Hello UF, hope all is well with you.
  8. OK, I feel as though I have gotten enough feedback to let me conclude that most people feel as I do. There is a high probability that this is not going to end well. We can only hope it does. So if everyday "us" can see the writing on the wall, why can't the uber smart gubberment/godonlyknowwhoisbehindallthis ? It is what it is I guess. Thank you for the responses!
  9. Lobster Boy---if you get an outdoor cat....would that help? Or would it get eaten? A cat might scare off birds, but probably not predatory birds....:couch:
  10. Ankhy---and this is mosquitoes---a creature that uses mammals in it's life cycle.
  11. I do remember threads about the Top Hat guy, I never participated much because I had no clue what it was a about. I was a fish (mermaid) out of water on her topics.
  12. We all get tired and crabby sometimes.
  13. Thanks for the correction Lobster Boy. How are you today btw?
  14. Oh geeze I wrote flies, I certainly meant mosquitoes, thanks for the correction IE. I think I am just so shocked my head was in the clouds.
  15. I have not been on much lately, and I have to confess something---I honestly didn't understand what she was talking about most of the time. I usually gleaned past a lot of her threads. My impression was that she was phucked over by the government, was being harassed and followed and watched. I am sorry to say, I don't even know what she claimed precipitated it all. My memories are probably ninety percent incorrect. But forget all that---I also read between the lines of the love she had for her family and children---that was so very obvious! That is the memory I have of her, that of a loving person. I feel like a complete stranger commenting in all this at all. I do want to convey I care about you all. This is an enormous loss.