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  1. Wow I guess I served my purpose in life, I have resurrected HAL 9000!
  2. I see a bunch of idiotic posts, should I report them?
  3. Is it with someone from PWR? I remember you used to have a flirty thing going with Black Friar, then the Dominator (I think that was his name).
  4. I am from Naples...where most of my family all still lives....
  5. Okay, so what will be the standard of "too low" hanging?
  6. I have a Boston Terrier, and a Pug, and I would love to see some lil baby BTs!
  7. I knew you were a bot
  8. Oh nooooo a list I didn't make, well shucks!?
  9. I have no clue what this thread is about so let me say:
  10. Wouldn't it be hard to drink coke out of a bag???
  11. ummm yes and no ummm yes and no ummm yes and no ummm yes and no ummm yes and no
  12. Oh hey what's up freetoes?
  13. LOL, no hadn't. I honestly have not been here even to lurk but a handful of times over the past year or two...so I am really out of the loop.
  14. Sounds like you rode those avatars hard and hung them up wet!