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  1. Thought this would interest you. I wonder if MSM is mentioning it!
  2. mmhmm
  3. You have to understand, for anyone to even suggest that MT is not a musical genius....pretty fucken far fetched!
  4. Hold up, I didnt say I wasnt gonna pay you. First we gotta wait and find out if you are in cahoots or this is just a faker.
  5. Yah but I don't believe you guys. Yer shitting me! Nice try though.
  6. I can do so much more, as RAMS would say, "Have Keyboard, Will Travel"....! Go for throttle up! I am Love!
  7. MT get an acct so's I can talk to you pretty please with a cheery cheery on top? hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you do have a memory like a steel trap.
  8. I'm a germophobe.....
  9. Tell me, do you like this celtic song Hari?
  10. Hi Hari....oh geez. How have you been? I can haul water and chop wood now so my hands are still soft cause of erosion from all the detergent. :)
  11. On what grounds,.....prove it or no soup for you!
  12. way cause your shitting us to make a fast buck.
  13. 5 bucks yer on.