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  1. I must be in the twilight zone then because Ive been talking to you on FB for a couple years now. But it appears your FB is gone now. oh! I really love that song. Thanks! Reminds me of that airy music by the cocteau twins, minus me, the singer. :)
  2. And all of RAMS epic rants...
  3. One other thing...did you save all the disinfo threads? Cause there was a shewolf poem I wrote which was free verse. She was coming to this earth and had made a touch down. Feet on the ground or some such...
  4. A few things actually. Can I bend your ear for a while? I promise not to slip off the dish. (Well, can't promise but can try my best.)
  5. MT I have something to tell you..can you reach me on FB pls?
  6. Would be so nice if I could hear and understand your words mister word smith! <3
  7. Not really, it brings back very hard memories. It was a tough time.
  8. Metaphor hunting...? You simply have to be one of the shewolves without question. :)
  9. Oh too much to even recount. I think David has the archives here and / or
  10. Pretty much been following the elections all along....yeah.
  11. Make it a relatively short file, not much more than 10 mins long cause 10 minutes translates to a bit of work
  12. If'n you want me to reverse you, let me know time/place, and anyone else too!
  13. wwwweeeeeeeeeeee that's really nice!
  14. She is fine. I will tell her and I will come and tell you when I know the date! happy happy joy joy
  15. What on earth do you need two houses for?...... Unless you travel a lot? I will come here in sept when PhoenixRising is here.