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  1. Thank you. :)You made my day!
  2. Here is my eyes
  3. It's the lighting in here and i was drunk last night LOL
  4. UF at least i have the nads to post a picture of myself not finding pictures of good looking guys that isnt you....trying to paint a picture that is FALSE :)
  5. You're grump right? Well he claimed to be some major in psychology and sent me pics while telling me of incest in his family. I got weirded out and left. Course, just at that moment my computer bugged out and when i got back he was all "wtf, why did you leave cant handle what i said or whatever....the guy was wacked.
  6. You would say that after I rejected you in chat lol Nice psycho pics you sent thought. Real comforting to women knowing there are sane men out there :) and thank you Eva for what you said. I was basically just showing my neighbor friend what it's like here.
  7. No what Grumpy old fart hahaha
  8. oh oh my god oh that made me laugh so hard thanks!!!!! hahahaha
  9. I know im a like to watch your poop go swirling down the terlet? :)
  10. blah blah blah wanna have a drink with me?