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  1. Dont forget Clowns! Aren't those almost illegal by now?
  2. Ohhh..that was mean.
  3. It wasnt just one IE and other info was given out, but like you said..you didnt see it. I also took care of things as far as my part and main reaction not on board, although I idid request the rules be enforced. But I recall your distaste and saying so - and saying thanks for that. Tht's all
  4. Yes. I've never been banned.
  5. Thanks. (and to Ankhy, I know :) .. and others who said so - IE..especially you at the time..If this had happened to you my reaction would be quite different right now...as it is..it isnt you) anyhow... I just don't recall the outrage as much (at all - in fact quite the opposite as it concerns some who have been quite in a huff about their own *information* being exposed, and then -- getting swift action on the well known rules being enforced!eh. Funny how that works is what I note...Both at the forum rules being enforced -- and in fact that that "some1" in particular showed a tad bit of glee in talking to who posted my info - far from the righteousness they are currently showing in just expecting that person being immediately banned -- and having it done. I just find it a good bit amusing at the same time, though - and feel i've a right to - considering that. Ah well. Guess that's the whole what goes around comes around thing..
  6. Well, that's cool. Have fun then!
  7. It's always different when it happens to you, isn't it? Know how ya feel.. Just sayin'
  8. ' (and I was kid when this was said and yet I remember watching it, and somehow knowing there was some sort of significance to what he was saying)
  9. Well theres one email I agree with.... (as far as those to the Left of Hillary...LOL - as I get who they have in mind in saying that..) But let me ask this......(like theyve said about Trump, funnily enough)...is there anyone left that Hillary hasn't alienated?. Her supporters - bucket of losers Donald supporters/whites - basket of deplorables Hispanics - taco bowls blacks- super predators in need of being brought to heel catholics -backwards or whatever muslims - lazy/ne'er-do-wells (feel like Im forgetting someone/their label What's that leave..? Chinese immigrant scientologists?
  10. "OMG, a/ first name was posted or my info was accessed ( but oh if I like the person/troll Ill post encouragingly on their threads when they post very personal info about others...but I'll whine and almost threaten if someone accesses my publicly posted info!! ) ( just noting the irony...as I totally do believe in the rule of not posting personal info -- its just funny seeing certain people be massive hypocrites)
  11. I find all of this very funny/interesting How some people howl over whats minor in comparison to how they have taken up for trolls before..posting very personal info.. Tad hypocritical imho, still... *popcorn*
  12. I just happen to dislike one more than the other. I've said many times that I prefer neither, though.
  13. I saw a 25 year old for a bit a couple years ago or there abouts, and its about the same age difference (a bit less than yours)...It wasnt that he was too young, no....It was more that I easily got tired of how he was constantly all over me and seemed to have very little patience. That, and in other ways..he was still very much a kid, and although he was highly attracted to me...mentally I just felt far beyond him (and so I got bored with him because he offered nothing but a lot of physicality and adoration) So, it reallly depends on what you want. If you desire a pliable puppy that you can pretty much direct ( true this depends a tad on their intelligence, but they will still lack experience.....)..then go for it. I'd more prefer a bit of a challenge or someone I could..respect more. It all depends on the person, but just straight out..is it a "robbing the cradle" sort of thing? Nah.