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  1. It's not quite perfectly circular. Wonder if here are any sink holes in the area... I think it's natural, still cool/interesting to me even without an "out of this world" explanation.
  2. I hear birds all the time - and especially when I dont want to hear them (early AM - like clockwork by 6:40) It's seemed like a normal amount of bugs, too...Not many mosquitoes, but we're all very conscientious about emptying standing water, and the gov is good about spraying wild areas. I've noticed more spiders, actually.
  3. Huddled together on a mountain plateau....almost like a massive sacrifice on a massive altar. Wild. So, do they just leave them there to rot ... ? Dunno how easy it'd be to get a backhoe up onto an Alpine plateau
  4. Who could have a conversation *worth* having...wih someone who is busy creating/tending to a persona, and forming their response within the confines of their creation? (It's still all so self-involved....all the way around, in every way it posts, and how it posts - his/her interest begins at that point/perspective in everything they try to communicate. ( And Khufu it doesnt surprise me that you of all "people" would be blind to it. ... it's not like you're a whole whole lot different.
  5. If he/she hadnt showed the same "qualities" when they were trying to speak before, I might fall for that excuse, Khufu.
  6. I mean...he/she should just get down to the bare nature of each poll/post and type " Me, Me, ME, me, mE, Meee, Me, me,me, mE, oh me, my , why me/my, would, me/my, I, me, me, how you view I/ me me me me me me, I...", etc and so on.
  7. I can only think of a couple of other people as, or more narcissistic than this ..."poster"/poser. (and funny how this poster immediately associated w those ppl, heh) And even though I already know this in advance...I still SMH at the oh so desperate nature of it -- and yet I'm sure he/she doesn't see that at all...due to how wrapped up in self he/she is... It reinforces itself. Sad, really.
  8. Aren't they lovely?
  9. Next to his young son? This guy has some serious issues...and a huge lack of self-control. Wow. ( Nothing makes me look down a person more...than such a consistent lack of self control....especially w a man. I guess I expect it out of more women...But seriously...you'd think that even a sex addict (esp one who has been caught before) would have sense and self control enough to at the ery least take the "lurid" photo out of sight of his young son) I can see how Huma might drive someone to seek9ing elsewhere...but this is inexcusable
  10. Yeah...wth is up with the lamb dwelling with the wolf....instead of it being the "lion lying with the lamb"..... ( thats the most interesting one Ive come across)
  11. Dude stalks females online apparently. I'm sure you'll make a great tampon for her, Amorpuss. ...you're such a suck-up and so self-absorbing. Enjoy!
  12. Well hey - it's not like the CLinton machine is so much better in that regard. Heh.
  13. Thank you, CH..It's my first. ,,,,,,,,,,but really, there just isn't much else to be said on the issue.
  14. Dont see a difference yet..........but then again I dont hang around too terrily long when I drop by..... so..