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  1. 'Anyway,..just came across this...brought this thread to mind... I can imagine this HuffPo writer smirking as they wrote the piece titled ' Trump Suggests There Was A Plot To Sabotage His Debate Microphone “I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories, of course" Only to later find out..... Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall,” the Commission on Presidential Debates said in short statement cited by the New York Daily News. "http://www.everynewshere.com/cheated-debate-commission-shock-announcement-donald-trump/ Donald Trump's 'conspiracy theory' comes true...
  2. Heh
  3. Isn't that the box thats for/connects to the lil lapel mic? (and if so..then its the same box we've been seeing on the backs of TV personalities for some time...
  4. Sure looked like it, heh. I cant say I was impressed with that debate showing, but that said...some people arent the most articulate...nor do they have thest speaking styles. It takes Donald far too long to make a point. I see that as hurting him, and they need to work with him on that. If that clip is any indication..then Hillary won the debate ( guess I should get around to watching the entire thing, instead of clips) It's a pity Hillary got so dirty. If her health were up to par...and she hadnt sold her soul to Satan...I think she would've made a pretty good President.
  5. I read an article that claimed that...instead of an ear piece bud she had on next gen lenses, and so in effect...it was like she was reading off of a teleprompter, and that was why her sentences sounded lik they were being read, and was why she would blink a lot in succession and so on.
  6. Beautiful. (and if they had half a brain they'd legalize!....It's been an economic boon to states that have...( I forget which particular state/city it was in -- but it helped one balance their budget and they still had enough money left over to send residents a check - all from the taxes/licensing of maryjane ..so this doesnt even touch on how many jobs were created. ...though Im sure it didnt help the private prison industry...who sees a lot of revenue from the arrest of non-violent cannabis offenders.) I honestly don't understand why more won't legalize-- and yet they'll have alcohol with all its detrimental effects. Whatever..
  7. For real.....it's the business to be in apparently.
  8. Ya know..it's interesting that they declared bankruptcy just a lil over a decade ago....and now are worth so much. Politics, speaking(books) and charities pay well, dontcha think....But then I think.."well, so did Trump"....but then Trump wasn't in politics...but then that's what I'm sayin $10-million (and then of course $22) would be a good lil chunk out of the Clinton family fortune (eta- and so yes for an apartment - and remember I'm talking about it being pricey...by their standards ..in looking at how much they are supposedly**worth over all, although I doubt we know it all.) However 2 things , one I've already mentioned -1. I dont know her husbands worth,and 2. in thinking about it, I don't know the details of her contract - and if she is living in a $10 million apt, but hasnt necessarily paid that much yet, which could be the case.
  9. Ive seen some really nice apartment price tags for the low price f $5-6 million...some really nice ones. They spanned multiple floors of course..Penthouse 'suites'. $10 isn't crazily unheard of.....But with it being Chelsea Clinton...it would seem to make a lot more sense that this very expensive apartment came with some very valuable extras.. (reason I say it like that...is some very very rich people in their own right/celebs dont have apartments that cost that much (when they were well could seemingly afford that) (The reason I had interest in looking at it is because my mother was a real estate agent and when she/I was thinking of moving to NYC , after visiting....I got a good idea of Prices and different areas. ) Anyhow...this just the speculation I've been reading elsewhere,. I havent like..studied the issue....but what I said above is why the argument seemed plausible as a reason why that property wouldve been appealing to them I realize a lot of money has been thrown their way in the past decade or so...so maybe they are so much more filthy rich than I thought ( I thought they worth around $125million @ Bill and Hillary ( unsure precisely @ chelsea, though I do know she married into money..I didnt know she and her husband were in that neighborhood,yet)
  10. This has been known about for a while. I never posted on it because I figured you guys wouldve covered it by now. People have been speculating for a couple weeks at least about this being the reason Chelsea bought a $10 million apartment (which, even for an apartment in NYC....is a very hefty price tag for an apartment
  11. Drudge has Trump at a 79% lead. ( didnt watch) eta - I think it was 200, 000 something for Trump, 70,000 something for Clinton
  12. But that requires people policing their behaviour, and that is against the hard-lefts ethics as well...in a variety of ways..( re: safe spaces, to hurting peoples feelings becoming a political issue...to all sorts of things (bathroom use as an issue, and so on)