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  1. I see the forum software is still slow as fuck. Laters
  2. Can't have been referring to me anyway, since that is not my name. And even if Doctor Doom was, it paints a pretty clear picture of his character.
  3. I posted mine a while back, haven't taken many since, to be honest, most recent one I have on the 'puter is one taken after a night out dancing with Soak, when I visited her a couple of years back, haven't changed much though. More grey hairs, less hangover
  4. Playstation 3
  5. Start at 1pm, finish at 10, sometimes 11. Overtime on saturday, but it volantary. But time and a half, so its a nice bit of extra.
  6. Just thank you, its been awesome. Heading out at the end of a shift, and getting a 'thank you, have a good one'.
  7. Stoni
  8. All of the above, and the boss says thank you now and then. I like that.
  9. Ditto
  10. New job, going well, but disappointingly for Mam, I still get to drive a forklift. :D
  11. Stoni
  12. Stoni
  13. Me too, except for the new stuff.
  14. Stoni
  15. 'ello Puce, going good How's you?