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  1. just something to think about, tonight as you go to sleep.
  2. Fuck you, it's all gone, you get nothing ya fucken assclown.
  3. She was younger, then. Bet you were proud of your little dick until you got the clap.
  4. Can you see my cunt in this outfit?
  5. What? Haven't you heard? They aren't dieing, they are coming here and they are going to take herb's jobs, again, some mores. The Mexicans are bringing them in disguised as Mexicans.
  6. Let me smash that little fucken bongo player with a seven iron.
  7. What in the fuck do you think you found, Seven?
  8. NEVER. wish I could send anonymous turds USPS. Maybe UPS, Fed-X, bonded, armed, courier . I hate like hell to use my atabacrom for turd shipping.
  9. Feelin hungry, huh? I don't know how you shit eaters can do that. You'll be votein for trump, I see.
  10. sick fucken moron.