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  1. I wont even shoot a gun into the ground or tree, but a so-called human, ANYTIME.
  2. I'd rather see their tongues cut out and sewed to their belly. FUCKEN LIARS.
  3. Show them your cock so we'll know it's really you.
  4. Poor ignorant heb, don't you have a holocaust parade to go to, today?
  5. So your retardation came from when you were pure WHITE in another life?
  6. My wife has a little orange fish with a santa clause hat on, she found it in the garden 30 years ago. It sets on the desk in front of me.
  7. Just another little something they were taught by sean.
  8. Thinking is not their first choice, not when they have to tell them how to think.
  9. Cram them up orange jesus's asscrack.