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  1. Have you been huffing yopo, you sure aren't on this fucken planet. Your fucking tea bag congress cut the fucken funding for just about every fucking thing in the last eight years. You're the fucken stupid person that makes me set up in bed in the middle of the fucking night.
  2. Republican diary queen ?
  3. This field is required.
  4. I been there, it was tense.
  5. so

    The wife and I both used to do this on the way to work. We called it the Sloner because we would light it when we got off the freeway at Slone, Nevada, headed for Jean, Nev. Yes that's a real FUCKING ant.
  6. I do believe that name is a registered name, 7 Iron. A clothing manufacture took the name the day after trump said it. before that it was called nasty gal.
  7. so

    Shit. My perfect baby ripped one of his fangs out by the root. He didn't make a sound, maybe he knew sumpin I didn't don't. FUCK
  8. so

    Hey bud, since you're here, would you know if they do tooth implants for kitty cats?
  9. "How to have a heart attack" By UC You're on your own, go for it.
  10. I was damn close to a heart attack last night, right up to and including the pukein in my waste basket cause I couldn't get to the shitter in time, cold sweats , and chest pains. I guess if you're already close to dien, ya shouldn't smoke as much as I do, but what the fuck, I'm me, I have no fear of death.
  11. You're not a nice person, I think I'll get rid of your punkass.
  12. They upgraded to flash cards on a mini disc.
  13. Shit, you said it was important. Good thing I'm me, this morning.