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  1. just think, this is where the tv show "happy days" was supposed to take place.
  2. was written originally by a ceasar and some jew that was known for embeleshing his stories.
  3. beware of asian carp and hard parked low riders when you mow!
  4. gabapentin is a fucking wonder drug! i got it for nerve pain and restless leg.
  5. so if 5 fish float up on a beach that would be a "mass" die off?
  6. to us their lives are short. to them we re their whole lives... never met a better pet owner than you herb. that dog had a wonderful life.
  7. this thread is looney tunes
  8. i cant understand what youre talking about. it seems like about a post just so you can use the phrase name redacted ( which i read as teradactyl )
  9. oh i might be!
  10. he will teach the pup to hunt, to walk silently. to use a bow and arrow and throw knife and tomahawk. how to turn around show the brown eye when peeved and that indifference is a skill not an emotion.
  11. Gal Gadot. she was in thor . fuck she is HOT