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  1. I don't get CNN, so no!
  2. I also heard on live network that a neighbor said he not only saw family visit, but some from the gay community came to visit!
  3. This article suggests that Omar had some gay/drag friends! http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/12/drag-queen-orlando-gunman-omar-mateen-was-my-friend.html
  4. What I love is how the old dude in one video just can't get enough and decides to get a closer look!
  5. He was clearly unstable and dangerous! Charging the police is not smart! http://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/dpd-releases-new-surveillance-video-of-love-field-shooting/239388294
  6. Whoa boys, take me back, I wanna ride in Geronimo's Locomobile??? ☞Today in Old-West History -- On today's date 111 years ago, Saturday, June 11, 1905, famous Apache Indian chief Goyaałé (1829-1909), better-known as Geronimo, was photographed driving an automobile -- one of those newfangled horseless carriages. ☞The photograph of Geronimo driving a car was taken at the Miller brothers’ 101 Ranch, located southwest of Ponca City in Oklahoma Territory, during a special 101 Ranch show for the U.S. press. Thousands of newspaper editors, reporters, & photographers flocked to the ranch to report on the event. ☞Often mistakenly identified as a Cadillac, the horseless carriage in the photograph is actually a 1904 Locomobile Model C, & the Indian in the full head-dress to Geronimo’s left is Edward Le Clair Sr., a Ponca Indian. Geronimo so admired Le Clair’s beaded vest that it was presented to him later that same day. When Geronimo died in 1909, he was buried in said vest.
  7. Wow! Eye to eye and hair to hair! Did she really cut her hair to compete with Trump's?
  8. Father Time is not kind, although I don't think he looks all that bad!
  9. Nite! I'm about to hit the hay as well!
  10. Why do you need to defend anyone? I think most act like asses here all the time. It's PWR afterall!
  11. Stop making excuses for him! He was an adult. ( You do have to be 18 to come here, right?) Yes, it was good he realized it was wrong and stopped, but you have been completely silent when he went after others, like Raven recently!
  12. Nope, not that! Nokia seemed to like horses and women in pain! A lot! Just sayin! I don't think you were around then, Sarafina!
  13. Try an interlibrary loan at your library. An English version is available at Southwestern University A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center. They might loan it or not! Worth a try if you are really interested. https://southwestern.worldcat.org/title/life-of-solitude/oclc/3415358?referer=di&ht=edition