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  1. Wow. What happy, smiling faces.
  2. Today? This morning, guest was posting the candle on every thread, not missing a minute. Then, missed from 5:43am to 5:46am. I was curious why.
  3. In memoriam 26th December 2012.1 year on,friend still remembered.
  4. What happened from 5:43 to 5:46? Make more coffee? Morning dump? I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. You can quit that RIGHT NOW! lol. Bored?
  6. I love ACV and honey together in hot water!! It's a great substitute for a morning hot beverage if you're trying to kick coffee. For me anyway....
  7. Merry Christmas Rip. Life is good, mostly!
  8. Disappointment,bitterness longing ,regret and a smattering of tears. Let's put those away until tomorrow.... I made sausage casserole... yummy! Accompanied by a few shots of whiskey. Present opening, tears with the sweet card I got. Longing, but not the bitterful kind. Sweeter, cuz I know it's coming. Whatever IT is......
  9. I wish. I'm a corporate girl these daze. I'll have the legal kind of mind altering substance!!
  10. Sounds perfect. Good school district. The main reason I bought. I'm having fun with the decorating!
  11. Eventually. Nothing that needs doing right now. Kitchen and bathroom need an overhaul. Tree work is first up this spring. I could wait a year or two before I have to paint. I'd like to replace the sliding glass door from the den to the outside patio. And I want a tree house in the back yard!!! heh heh
  12. Yep, I'll be doing it myself. I've been here three months now! Older neighborhood, lots and lots and lots of big trees.
  13. No, really! I wanna see it. I'm looking for ideas for my new house!
  14. I didn't mean it like that--just pointing out the irony between where I was and where I am now. (Although I don't mind painting...kinda like it actually). I finished a room in my house with drywall compound heavily mixed with white sand from the's like a cave...looks good and good vibes tho. Pics or it didn't happen.