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  1. Awwww, Cav, don't be mad at Susan. Think about her intentions. And there wasn't anything in that PM that you haven't said on the forum. I feel for you Cav. Guardian's stories about her experience on the other side give me hope. You'll be laughing soon. Stoni, you're off the hook...
  2. Damn Buddy. You're already heywooding your posts. You'll fit right in!
  3. I'm with Uni, keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed!
  4. I'm lurking logged in.... does that count for anything?
  5. Most indubitably. to ya Cav.
  6. JJ would be proud.
  7. Ya need a link to post in the Hot Topics thread. I think. Therefore, I don't know.
  8. I much prefer an equal mix of both.
  9. I'm glad, Cav, good for the soul! Ankhy, we just wore him out. Refused to buy the diapers. Of course, right now he's running around with nothing on from the waist down... *arghhhh* I gotta get the pants on that he can't undo! Thanks Yggie, we have many similar challenges. I'd love to talk to SEG again. I remember some of her stories.... OH MY!
  10. A 19 y/o human. THOSE diapers ain't cheap!! I will, Aunty Flea. I'll give him the deep squeezy kind, his favorite!
  11. Oh Susan, I'm dancing the jig!!!!!! Just goes to show ya, perseverance pays off!
  12. Potty training has finally occurred! Talk about a raise...
  13. I must need cold beer.
  14. Didn't help.