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  1. Let's go with the facts: 1. The second Amendment is about not restricting the rights to own and keep guns to Americans can kill people....in this case enemies of the state and, if needed, members of an oppressive government. 2. Violent crime rates skyrocketed when the Democrat Party adopted the Great Society as a method of winning minority votes and keeping minorities "down on the farm" by offering to give them free government "assistance" and thus created the current urban situation of blight. This lead to large populations in inner cities that did not contribute to the tax base, but sucked up services and therefore available funding. 3. This population, having become dependent on the government, but still wanting the same nice toys as working people could afford, turned to drugs and crime to get the money they needed to buy more toys and drugs. 4. Hand guns, for the most part are designed to do one thing: Kill Humans. Combine the above facts and you get what we have.
  2. It takes time to kill all the bad people..........
  3. An impolite society creates an armed society.
  4. It is a fundamental contradiction, but a necessary one given what is going on in our world.
  5. That is correct. He had already established that he would not cooperate with law enforcement.
  6. OK. Well you've had that experience. You complied and you lived. Now who here has faced an armed suspect and had to make a decision to shoot or not to shoot?
  7. Oxymoron.
  8. Until you've been there, don't judge.
  9. Or we could just say he's another whiner, and leave it at that.
  10. OK, well no great loss.
  11. Extortion? How is Mr. Penis extorting the forum?
  12. Actually, I didn't have anyone specifically in mind when I created the banner.............it's just a general statement about they way things have been going lately.
  13. Oh, yeah, I forgot. So you want me to go to phase two and drop a dime on the Franciscan Brothers Incorporated and mention he's running an ISIS website? (Viagra)