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  1. Unless you are a Star Trek Junkie..........wait till it comes out on cable
  2. The trigonometry of heat........
  3. Trust but Verify..........
  4. Nope.............all I said was I never........... I made no references at that point to anyone else's posts. I was, at that moment i made my first post on this thread, just thinking about if I had ever had a run it, and thought no.......... But just now, I remembered that there was one incident with a State Trooper.........but that's a long story and it actually had nothing to do with me, he just hated my boss.
  5. I guess because he's really creepy
  6. . Do they hassle Horse Porn Addicts like yourself? I'm sorry but being addicted to Horse Porn and then Posting it on a public forum is way creepier than anything I've ever done. Maybe that stud in your head did some damage?
  7. I have never been disrespected by a police officer in my life. One wonders why.
  8. Sound good a deadlock government is a good government because It can't do shit
  9. Here's the bottom line....we are fucked either way....so I ask each of you to vote for Trump because I truly believe the fucking will be more interesting and entertaining
  10. He will defund the EPA Finally we will be able to burn Greenpeace and PETA members for cheaper energy for all Americans
  11. Looks just like Mussolini with the profiles and pouty lips Jody would love it
  12. No, I also agree with you on your debate with Ugly Idiot, but chided you because he's another brain clogged robot who you will never convince. I also agree with you that I am a Hypocrite..........then again, everyone is.