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  1. I have always skipped the lunatic ramble crap fest of that thing called mel, and a whole lot of other people who make zero sense. And then there's all the fuss and discussion about babbling lunatics and the crap they babble, which needs to be skipped through since I didn't read the round one that set the fire. That's what made it easy to quit this place for years. Lovely was fine in smaller doses. Once she started using Crack or whatever that whole thING got old quick. That said, thanks for good thoughts to those who gave them, and the generous kindness of stoni. Good seeing some of you. Always hold you well in my thoughts. Blessings. See ya
  2. Daughter who left is back. Quarter mile driveway full of downed trees to clear and no electricity. Badass that stayed has a slight hangover, a lot of bottled water and work at 2 today.
  3. Yeah. :) I always said she could sleep through anything. We're about to find out. Still saying 110 mph coming.
  4. Kid is not impressed. SHe Fell asleep. Still had electricity.
  5. I know some people that work out there that seem to think it would safely survive any thing god could throw at it. Absolute confidence it can take a direct hit with a 5, no problem. Tsunami. Sun flare. Nope. Nothing could ever mess shit up there. Their confidence scares me In truth. There is no way it can possibly be that fool proof. Nothing is.
  6. The blob has left them completely baffled all along and now here she is with one too.
  7. It's got that weird (steering?) Blob like Matthew that nobody can explain or understand.
  8. She's still got power for now, but says it's definitely starting to pick up out there.
  9. She said they were flickering a few minutes ago
  10. They let the extra from Okeechobee down the st. Lucie. That's why stuart was ground zero for that toxic green earlier this year, if you saw that on the news. Was terrible and this is going to cause all kinds of okeechobee problems again I should think. They never fixed some levees that were damaged in hurricanes years ago so now they have to overflow into st Lucie. Not good thing. Whole Okeechobee levee thing is another disaster in and of itself as I understand it.
  11. No. Just Hutchinson island. You're maybe mistaking Sewalls point for an island, due to the st.Lucie river inlet?
  12. So far it's been no thing in Stuart.
  13. That's it! If they live and get out of that shithole I am forcing them to move with me to Helsinki.
  14. !!!! :D Daughter staying skyped earlier. The entire apt complex parking lot is full. I was shocked. Not one of her neighbors left. Not one.