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  1. sesquipedalian sanctimonious strabismic sentence structuring schnook
  2. Lmao!! #nailedit
  3. One never PLANS a good proper existential crisis. All the best ones are always completely impromptu.
  4. That 3 hour mess to get out of the city going north on a Friday...omg. can you imagine what would happen if they blocked 169 on a Friday in July?? That would get nasty. The ostrich races are at Canterbury. Caballero lives matter.
  5. This reader decides you should listen to DC.
  6. It already did. It's like that whole LOST thing.
  7. This remains to be seen!! I'm quite excited to find out.
  8. Tis. Been a long post apocalyptic life since 12/2012, but I've begun to adjust. :) hope you are well also. Looks like there has been major upheaval here as well.
  9. My presence is in Minneapolis as I type. I have zero concern. I won't be in north. I don't like being shot at on a normal day, and there's nothing of any interest there so. No problem. We missed the portion of the St Paul gangster tour that goes by the governor's mansion last Sunday, because the street was cordoned off. No big deal. Some people from Sweden were a little disappointed, but they got over it when they got to hold a real Tommy gun. So..there we are. Tomorrow I'm watching ostriches and weiner dogs race at a crowded venue, but once again....resounding meh...
  10. Everybody I have seen doing it have been overweight and out of shape boring looking white 20 somethings. Total waste of spying.