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  1. 3.00 mimosa or bloody mary and burger tents everywhere is dog rescue/adoption festival today in village!111 dog parade was 1pm followed by costume judging dogs everywhere!!!!1 our dog made lots of new friends was his first public adventure out he was perfect!!!!!1 no milk i bought 2 new dresses!!!11
  2. i was looking at that foto above on google at exactly 11:11 and then my fone gave me a ding ding
  3. the skygate sculpture in hawaii at lahaina noon lord artists are cool like that
  4. they were jiggly
  5. my father married into that author's family lord same relative family doctor brought them both into this world on opposite sides of the city, almost 20 yrs apart what are the odds?
  6. quote o the day boys back to bed
  7. we had vip spot on balcony just overhead to left of band right on top of them coulda reached down and grabbed her sticks
  8. she is cool beans tellin ya i'm gonna host a party just to hire her
  9. had to get up i have dog duty all weekend strat's mad at the dog he ripped out another tree
  10. it's a strange light and now we've got helicopters over the haus!!!!111 lord
  11. trevor my ears are ringing like craaazzzyyy i don't think it's the band and it's a funny colour outside