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  1. lol i've seen the dog out and about....but never in close proximity. that dog isn't as tall as mastiffs i know, short legs maybe a mix of something? is a funny pic don't think our dog has seen anything that big!!!
  2. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 wtf is that???????? LORD!!!!!!11
  3. strat is perfectly polite in PMs as all have said is his way he's vwery nice now you stop it trevor, come ere kissy kissy cuppa cuppa
  4. hunter is still here
  5. bwahahahahahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!11111 whaaaaaaaa? you mean to tell me ankhy in the admin chair shared strat's private PMs with 'a bunch'? LOLOLOLOL who woulda thunk it? lord ankhy was no admin she weaseled her way in then self proclaimed herself admin....remember? squeeze is too kind ankhy was terrible terrible admin worst of the worst!!!!!!!!11
  6. no interest watching an ariana grande video i imagine her to be another miley cyrus type eh?
  7. lord!!!!111 ariana grande?! who woulda thunk it? what kinda target is an ariana show? she's prolly v popular with the middle east wee ones!!!!!11 we've gone to concerts last two weekends, big shows first was fiesta maxima w gente de zona and daddy yankee and last night we saw MUSE wouldn't dawn on me that either could be a target strat commented last night at lack of diversity at both shows lol last nights show was entirely white millennials+