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  1. she's a beast tellin ya
  2. good luck and god speed Papi and Arual!!!!!!!11111 lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 you're in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  3. i will miss your presence here...both you and Papi!!1111 be careful and be prepared!!!!!!!11 keep us in the loop Arual you're in my thoughts best wishes good luck hunker down have supplies!!!!111
  4. strat turned on a show about caribou migration from alaska to canada or vice versa it was beautiful until they had to cross a rapid river current lord televised caribou drowning i cried
  5. banjo's pumping iron bayyyyybeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!111111
  6. take it back!!!!!!!111 herb has known love a great love i know these things
  7. i call that my cassini last shot of saturn's moon shot amen
  8. although i don't make the journey to georgia as much as i once did i still gasp at the sight of a blooming cotton field not unusual for me to stop and grab a few blooms there's a round table in my bedroom in the drawer is a plastic sandwich bag w two rotten buds the dingy blooms disconnected from their stems lol i remember exactly when i picked those two 2003 road trip to deliver a work to nyc amen
  9. yes! omg told strat today our county best take over collection efforts sooner than later our community can get it done faster than waiting for fema who will end up contracting them anyway feck waiting for red tape is all about the money we have huge piles everythere here too but alas we have more time!!!!!!!11 collections should have started here days ago only area i know around here that has had pickups is the gated yacht & country club and that was only yesterday [and prolly done by private service heh]
  10. thanks i will get strat to translate!
  11. right? our village looks all clean and spiffy now!!!!!!11 [ will when fema gets around to picking up the debris piles on every corner] all dead wood outta the trees courtesy of irma is bright and shiny here round 2
  12. I wondered if sagging was likely to ever make that same transition into ordinariness. "Once historians go and tell the story of the late 20th century — which we haven't done yet — there's a way that sagging and hoodies and t-shirts will be revered as markers of a particular era," Ford told me. She said that the hoodie and sagging pants look might even become the way we remember the youth resistance of our time. But, she said, "it's definitely still going to be tied to [ideas of] criminality." Alvarez said zoot suits and sagging share much of the same DNA: They were ways that people made statements about their relationships to other people and their circumstances. "[For the wearers,] it's a mechanism to reclaim dignity that's been taken away from them," he said. A lot of people would roll their eyes and shake their fists if you told them that there was anything dignifying about sagging pants, I said. "Youth culture, in general, is not always decipherable to those outside of the inner circle," Alvarez responded. "In many ways, our dress and our vocabulary and our vernacular becomes powerful because [outsiders] can't understand it."
  13. i can do crock pots!!!!!!111