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    aerosmith, anne rice books, art, austin powers movies, cable, caffeine, candles, children, chinese food, creed, dave matthews band, depression, e-mail, evanesense, family, ferris buellers day off, french fries, fuel, incense, instant messenger, john leguizamo, junk food, laughing, lord of the rings, love, matchbox20, movies, mp3s, music, my bunny, my cd collection, my kids, my kitties, norah jones, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, poison perfume, pulp fiction, queen of the damned, rain, reading, red roses, robin williams, romance, scary movies, shopping, sleeping, south park, st.elmos fire, staind, stuart townsend, talking on the phone, tatoos, the beatles, the breakfast club, the calling, the learning channel, the ocean, the rock!, tolerance, trading spaces, train, twister, u2, vertical horizon, while you were out.
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