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  1. mine food is mostlee free but we'have allreddy ben ovar that
  2. and he,s out in the 'hood moeing lons for 20 bucks a pop, when he has made a grand i told him he has to take me to the toy store and by me some thing good then i want tp go to the zoo
  3. i invested in plastic because they make EBT from plastic.
  4. im thinking of becomming a POS
  5. I bet this is going to be good for my bottom taxpayer dollar!
  6. I remember me and my parrot, Kandy, would watch the sopranos every sunday nite
  7. The socks are out voting it seems!!!
  8. hi

    yeah, stuff happened. people didn't and still don't like me very much. feelings were hurt, i think. not sure who i offended...i think there were a few people. i became paranoid. i stopped posting. did you and i ever have a thing going. actually, all that really means...did i ever flirt with you? Stay outta spite, that's my motto and has worked for many years!!!
  9. hi

    I made no such announcement. Google it!!!
  10. hi

    A flounce requires you at least leave for 24 hours. Look it up. I have a notion to remod my self!!!!!!
  11. hi

    I didn't flounce. I was here as a guest every day!!!
  12. hi

    You got kids? I'm available weekdays 10am-4pm!!! no Borrow some, I'm available weekdays 10am-4pm!!!
  13. hi

    You got kids? I'm available weekdays 10am-4pm!!!