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  1. Hey Martin, good to see you:) I posted two thoughts above your post.
  2. I came to this realization recently. Two 65 something women that I am in a service organization with recently said they filed bankruptcy. Like someone held a gun to their head and forced them to max out 12 credit cards. These are perfectly coiffed and jewel bedecked women. Perfect nails, perfect hair, brand new clothes... Reverse mortgaged their homes, but one of them was able to buy a new house, and use some new credit cards to buy all her new shit and hair/nail do's.
  3. I'm in my fifties. My generation is screwed. No social security, no medicare ten years from now, no big deal. I go to walmart during the day and it is covered up with retirees that don't give a shit if they block the isles don't give a shit if they drive crazy in the parking lot they are a selfish, don't give a shit generation
  4. why are the roofs flat? I get a vibe off that picture; puerto rico is on the verge of falling into the sea do they have earthquakes there?
  5. Arual, I got on my knees and prayed for you and Marajit when that monster was barrelling towards you. I' m happy that you both survived. I love you all :)
  6. Wow! de ja vu