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  1. duck duck goose or duck in a noose those huddled ducks told me about the river understand duck in a noose and axial is something I don't you please do that for yourself
  2. Uff dah, channeling ducks heir! ducks in a noose, remember that? coax... whatever that means no big deal them ducks parked their waddling butts in the middle of a street just to tell me I told you folks
  3. Not me, the ducks were huddled down whispering:) duck duck noose folks open fire on the east coax
  4. Yes, duck in a noose situation please pay attention shit!
  5. When glp was taken over,I logged into my account and had full access to crow's. How creepy was that? never a doxxer hier :)
  6. Elaine posted how she and curmy jacked with people's pm's. Thought it was funny. Probably messed with Crow and Freedom Man cyber sexing.
  7. river is going to flood tropical storm spooling up into saturated Texas pay attention:(
  8. anyways, if the ducks are acting weird and moving away from the river what are they saying?
  9. I remember back in the day when soul was a mod he didn't approve of the doxxing...
  10. Soul, are you subtley doxxing this person?
  11. Khufu has actually been very reserved lately. I welcome him back :)
  12. Good luck Roanne and Godspeed.
  13. It was an interesting experience. Mutually beneficial.
  14. ? My father studied earth changes. Settled us in the most boring part of Texas!