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  1. How do you post images in this new set up ?
  2. /
  3. 252P Linear for 16-March-2016.100mm wide field 38 x 90 sec ISO 3200.Brighter in this image more difficult with Moon interferance through the finder. Credit & New Image.... being reported to be a 5.7 MAG...45' DIA size... 2016 03 16.46 UT: m1 = 5.7, Dia. = 45', DC = 3, 8x40B ================ COMET BRIGHTENS AS IT APPROACHES EARTH: On March 21st, Comet 252P/LINEAR will make a close approach to Earth--only 0.036 AU (5.4 million km) away. This is the fifth closest cometary approach on record and, as a result, the normally dim comet could become an easy target for backyard telescopes. In fact, it is brightening much faster than expected: data. "Comet 252P/LINEAR has surpassed expectations and is now bordering on naked eye visibility for southern observers," reports Michael Mattiazzo of Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia, who took this picture on March 13th:
  4. No big surprise...
  5. Comet 252P it's monster!! ===================== Credit:, pale Blue... in had been reported.
  6. 252P/LINEARTotal-magnitude and coma-diameter estimates:2016 Mar. 14.44, 6.5, 35' (M. Mattiazzo, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia, 8x40 binoculars)2016 Mar. 14.06, 6.6, 30' (M. Goiato, 7x50 binoculars)2016 Mar. 14.00, 7.0, 15' (L. Mansilla, 20x50 binoculars) Now Computor problems...there is alot happening and updates to show...posting links.. 6.5-7.0 Mag obs report in a cloudy day at that...============== ==============
  7. Its only 4,500,000 Million miles from Earth , and getting closer...
  8. I am in the wrong place
  9. A lot of us now realize or had realized that Turkey supports Isis, and Obama... You got to be a blind fool not to see this...Comrt ISON was the omen, because after it passed ISIS was born and went on the rampage and look at us now today... We got reports of turkey bombing the Kurds, why? Because the Kurds who I wrote about almost 2 years ago are the children of the sun if you study ancient history will come to the realization of this fact. Who is winning the battles on the Eastern front? Why are they not being supplied and armed to the teeth? So, if the world truly wants to defeat ISIS or just pretend to fight.
  10. Thank you Seneca, I cannot understand why my media link is not working? I would like to post YouTube links that show the image ... Like I'd done before many many many times. I haven't been posting a lot since Comet ISON, and I don't know if I am doing it wrong, or been disabled by PWR ? A lot of us were sent here back in 2005, and I cannot imagine that they would ban me here, after almost 11 years... This war that we are in needs my attention... This is why I would like to post and refresh the prophecies,omens, that I have covered with the help and contribution and assistance and insight from you all. I know the characters of the past here, and in the past we covered all this that is happening now before... That's why I want to refresh memory on our past threads and insight and gifts...
  11. Obama dances while the countries burn... btw...I can't use media link !, why ?
  12. I wonder if this dead comet that looks like a skull is going to outbursts as it gets closer to the sun?
  13. I see that ... Amazing http://www.jpl.nasa....elease=2015-338