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Here starts Devon's early August story

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I really just want to add one last note on this subject tonight. And most likely for good.

I did this tonight because I was bored. For sport. Because with only a slight provocation you and yours become so incredibly transparent that I wanted others to see. If they haven't already.

I'd go into the reasons that I started getting into this whole thing back in the day, but I've done it before. You've probably read the posts yourself.

It used to bug the shit out of me that some of the most intellectual posters on this board, and people that I respected so much like Leia and Grace among others, they loved what people like you did, and still do. But they didn't know what people like you really were. What the people who came before you used to do, and the decade long line of bullshit that people like you, to a degree are still seeding to this very day. I felt people that I considered my friends, or at least my fellow whores were being duped by silver tongued shysters who have been spreading it on thick for too long.

But here's the thing. I don't care anymore. I stopped caring a long time ago. It's done, you've become obsolete. There might be a couple hundred people in this country alone that might know what you and I do. I thought of all the time I wasted, staring, researching, digging, taking notes.

For what? I laughed when it washed over me. Really I did.

Now, I fuck and suck every drop of life and breath that I can out of this existence that I can. Now I spend my days and nights in the arms of a woman, or at the sides of friends, or holding the spine of a good book... Because these days, you never know how long it's going to last.

Life's a joy. Not an endless bickerfest, or trading back and forth little barbs and quips that only people "in the know" would understand.

In the know of what? LoL! Some Boss Hog jackass in hickville michigan wanted to boost tourism... Jesus!!!!! Brilliant really.. But still. There are forums that delete your kind the moment they see you, because they don't want to deal with it, or have seen the same shit before. I laughed my ass off when Elaine dropped Jody's shit off her board within a few hours back in the day. Priceless.

In the end though. That's all it is, for people like you and I.

For my old time friend that messaged you, and by your description of his message I believe he did. :stoni3: If anyone I know, will actually find the truth of this. And let me be clear for a moment when I say that there is truth. It will be him. But he has the means, the time and the determination to do it. He can travel the world on a moments notice. I can't afford to take a day off. I'd love to leave and trek forests with him. But I can't, it will be years before I could. That's just the way it is. So I haven't talked to him in a long time. I feel bad about that. And I'll probably drop him a line to say the very same things I've said here.

But then again, he watches you and this place, just like I do. So.. Sorry my friend. Maybe someday I can finish the journey with you. Someday..

Although I still do plan to visit Division and Wealthy. Not to discover the secrets of the universe by deciphering some code the buildings have to tell me, but to meet a lovely and intelligent woman, who I have a world of respect for.

You tell me.

Which one is more important?





I do wonder if those folks (not Devon necessarily) are part of a huge disinfo pysops effort to simple distract. Some are paid, some are along for the ride for free. They're professional writers, which is an art it and of itself. Regular folks like myself, could not attempt to do what they do.

The reasons I believe it is funded is because they drop info that is close to the truth, or the dates are significant. Here I am talking about aussie bloke (or was it german guy?) that correctly predicted an event that became the tsunami. They discussed Houston and a nuke(?), but the date was correct. As I recall, and asteroid was to hit causing problems. Maybe one did...?

The others pass additional info, like the other day when someone puts some warnings out, and bam, Georgia and Russia are going at it - the beginning of cold war II, or wwIII?

Do we really believe these guys are taking a chance with prison to pass info to us? No, more than likely they are part of the operation.

Anyway, just taking guesses here.

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Okay, Ankhy, you said to remind you to archive this in the library. It looks like it has about run its course. Now may be a good time.



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