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  2. You mean 99% of the forum? You, Strat, Lovely, Martin, and Seneca are in the minority. Most everyone else sees you for what you are.

    Obama believes that's our solution, he just fucked us up.....thanks! WASHINGTON (AP) — As Puerto Rico faces a major debt payment, President Barack Obama is vowing to move quickly to sign a last-minute rescue package for the financially-strapped U.S. territory and its 3.5 million Americans. In a rare election-year feat, the White House-backed legislation passed with strong bipartisan support in Congress. The Senate voted 68-30 for the legislation on Wednesday, three weeks after the House approved the measure. (File photo by Dennis Brack-Pool/Getty Images) “This bill is not perfect, but it is a critical first step toward economic recovery and restored hope for millions of Americans who call Puerto Rico home,” Obama said in a statement.
  4. You mean like you do every time you come here?
  5. Eye got one of those, eye think. Can you have just one double standard? I'm thinking here,,,,,,,,,,, No, what the fucks wrong with you people?
  6. Which was what I was pointing out this morning by, shall we say, motivating Strat to act in a way that he claims is wrong and that THEY would never do.
  7. Ankhy, sell your story to the people that are looking to buy that shit.
  8. Say what? Strat is the one that admitted he was trolling for a meal ticket, but if I call Lovely his meal ticket then I'm "calling Lovely names designed to provoke mental and emotional injury" in your world? Whatever. Why are they here? Why are you here? All you do is whine and bitch about one thing or another. Why don't you make your own forum where you guys can slobber all over each other and talk about the horrible people at PWR? Here, you explain this to Ms Meal Ticket so she isn't mentally and emotionally injured. I came to the forum today for something totally unrelated to this. I'm outta here.
  9. Posting my personal info is not being inconvenienced. It has always been against the rules and Strat and Lovely squeal like stuck hogs when it happens to them but obviously feel they can get away with it.
  10. So dear readers, what you witnessed here today is that Strat and Lovely did everything they claim to be completely against. Poor Strat started this thread looking for praise for all the work he did and claiming to be above it all: Apologies to the forum for the heavy handed nature of the thread........but it seemed that it needed to be pointed out that these two have a double standard.
  11. This is the lie, Ankhy ^^ I'm not similar to Niners in any way.
  12. Alien jew hebs can't grasp our ling go. I've seen it with scentika, too.
  13. DisconCERNting...

  14. This is on page 5, Strat. Do you have Alzheimer's?
  15. No he isn't, CE. He's just responding tit for tat in the run of insults that get fired off by you and team troll, but at least he doesn't do it in a 'take no prisoners' fashion. Stop calling Lovely names designed to provoke mental and emotional injury.
  16. That's Ms. Ankhy J. Fuckyoustrat to you.
  17. This is another example of your delusional state. Don't you have some secret mission to plan with your meal ticket?
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