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  2. Lincoln died on tax day, April 15th, which was a subtle hint from O Ye. here is a clue for the greed obsessed who targeted an entire clan of kinfolk for their takedown we may have been naive and looked like easy pickings but we don't take kindly to bandmates hit by cars and legs getting shattered or to side mirrors knocked off in traffic by motorcyclists, who then turn and snidely give the finger on traffic camera or having garages ransacked we *will* use THE FORCE on your rogue one ass as we have all had enough the last decade of this crime spree by muck savage brats some excellent advice here, you made war on the wrong tribe as usurping filth and managed to sully many many other ancillary folks in your climb up the ladder everyone put your jedi robes on, we are going to discipline some goblins now
  3. I've always said the NFL needs to replace the football with a color TB so the Naggers are running with what comes natural under their arms.
  4. he just did a brilliant turn in the SNL open on the phone with Stormy's lawyer the name of the sketch is "wiretapped", Martin Short plays the joo doc , Martin
  5. like the tranny shot dead laying outside some gay bar at 2nd and Ash St. in Portland 2 nights ago, 'identified as a woman'. just in time for June Pride month too I could not figure out why Junkie came here on the day after Mother's day berating *everyone* here then I remembered that Troke had his garage burglarized that wknd too these assholes play for keeps, they do not quit, murder, arson, rape, pet mutilation, you name it, its within their capability and they have plenty of wizard money to finance it all, thanks to people who foolishly thought giving them red carpet lifestyles would buy them off and placate them, it merely stoked their greed for ever more pillaging. I sincerely hope no foul play was involved in my Uncle's passing, such as any electronic weapons used on his heart, hastening his decline, but the rest of my family need to understand this is a vendetta that began when Flynn got left behind in Laos and it got incredibly worse during the "marilyn manson' era in the mid 90's, so by the time the giant eagles in LOTR showed up a decade later, it was a raging dumpster fire. someone did not like the new Solo movie and a boycott is in the works by parents who think Lando's "pansexual" lifestyle is not relevant to a family/children's movie - at all. they destroy everything they get involved in, gleefully, recklessly and with determination that America deserves to be ruined, mostly based on their personal Euro bias at us. if you got roped in, like the ladies in the trunk in that Italian Ford advertisement or dragged down in an arson fire in Oregon, now is the time to stand up and MAKE IT STOP. otherwise they plan to take over in a coup and gaslight the rest of us into oblivion
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  7. So far Congress has been very carefully laying the legal foundation for a Spec. Council.Now they are officially calling for one..It will pass, and any Democrat who votes AGAINST it (ie all of them) will be branded a traitor by voters once the full facts of whats happened emerge.THEY ARE FUCKED!
  9. Yeah, we'll see after a couple die "mysteriously" in weight lifting accidents, airplane crashes and others are caught buggering boys.
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