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  2. She pulled out her tongue piercing cause she knew Obama would have need of the hole after his speech.
  3. Looks like she had tongue cancer removed or something
  4. I sometimes choose to retaliate, but I'm not initiating any disparaging behavior.
  5. Agreed: so what reason do you choose to hide behind and make excuses for your miserable behavior?
  6. Are you out of gif's? You are missing a gif.... All I've got is a meme.
  7. Look at this beautifully detailed metal artwork I got the other day. Need to zoom in on it to appreciate it. It was pounded out of the lid of a trash can. Isn't that something!?
  8. It's one of those sticky gel tabs one uses for the toilet bowl.
  9. There's def. something there tho and it looks like it's concave
  10. When people refuse to listen to reason, I've been known to take the out of cuff hand you're playing away from you and use it against you.
  11. I only huff the bud!!
  12. I realize that this forum has a number of aging people, riddled with all kinds of malady, but it's no excuse to treat others unfairly.
  13. Did I see you on the paint huffing line up? I could swear you were one of them.
  14. mossad locust.
  15. I thought the deleted emails were about weddings and recipes?
  16. I want to play with your Seamen is Russian foreplay?
  17. Probably from Bill fucking it's mouth when she's passt out drunk every night!!!
  18. Geez, Ankhy wants free weed now too. Grow your own!!!
  19. So is Obama The russians do joint exercises with NATO from time to time and Putin said he wanted to join more than once
  20. Try here, Ank. york&lat=45.4818&lon=-122.6005
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