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  2. Fuck you too. Get another year out of this place.
  3. No one follows you... nor Rhys.
  4. I'm going to burn sage later... block the doors and shit... but you already seem to be inside.
  5. Had you not been following my thread, I summonsed twelve to death last month alone.
  6. Wut now??????????????????
  7. Don't. Consider your elders, first. Seriously, do have to be told this shit at your age?
  8. One of them must go wipe mum's bum... one needs to go worship appliances... and the other is going to disappear until after the New Year!
  9. Particle beam weapon.
  10. Did you say "Steering this ship'?
  11. I fear for your sanity. Good grief, go find a tree and hug it, anything to ground your Cheeto puffs, dude.
  12. Its actually a race to the finish line,I'm more likely to pop my clogs first.
  13. Geeez. Who keeps stirring this shit?
  14. Shut up, THG... your name is NORMAN now....
  15. You shouldn't. You only have one hanging on by a thread. Yes, we/they will all look at you. NOW, NORMAN, WHERE IS MY PORRIDGE!?
  16. Ya , we tossed the olive branch in the wood stove several hours ago.
  17. Who is said cunt? Elaine? I thought she had a dick.
  18. Dude? You swirl around in circles of goo I wouldn't get near. Move your own shit on....
  19. I know that feeling..................oops,did i just say that out loud
  20. Well, you need to choose to leave town on a good day , well before TSHF. F as in Face.
  21. Hey! Look! Jerry Lewis showed up!!! Feed him to the French!!!!
  22. Well, after all of that...
  23. Fatally flawed,gas tank too small,exposed flatty jerry-can not good for splash and dash fuel ups.Small innefective mud guard will throw shit all over the gun parts,chain,plugs etc.
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