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  2. Is There Hunger in Venezuela?

    Venezuela Friends
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    and inside paper match-covers. I mean I have no idea what you're referring to.
  4. Tanned people, listen up!

    How to Tan a Hide
  5. Is There Hunger in Venezuela?

    That was a couple weeks ago. Given the $150 for a dozen eggs story I have to wonder.
  6. Banned people - listen up - announcement

    That looks like those "art tests" that used to be in the back of comic books.
  7. A cashier counts bolivars at a money exchange in Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: Reuters Previous Next Published 31 May 2016 (1 hours 44 minutes ago) 0 Comments - Follow us Some news agencies constantly use wrong sources for their reports about the economic difficulties in Venezuela. International media outlets are continuing to misreport on the economic crisis in Venezuela and the effect of high inflation on the cost of living. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times published a story claiming that, "It costs US$150 to buy a dozen eggs in Venezuela right now." The newspaper backs up that claim by using an exchange rate of 10 bolivars for one U.S. dollar, according to which a woman in Caracas who buys a carton of eggs from a street vendor for around 1,500 bolivars is paying “a staggering US$150 at the official exchange rate." But that is the wrong exchange rate to use for this example. In Venezuela, companies that import basic goods pay an exchange rate of 10 bolivars per dollar—a subsidy meant to encourage a steady supply for those goods—but not regular Venezuelans. That woman in Caracas, by contrast, would receive 520 bolivars for every U.S. dollar she exchanges, which means that for her a dozen eggs would cost less than US$3. (VIDEO) That Venezuela uses multiple official exchange rates—last year there was three, in addition to the black market rate—has been a source of confusion, and also exploited for disinformation. International media reports often cite the subsidized exchange rate for importers, known as DIPRO, despite it only applying to imported goods, services and remittances identified by the government as a priority. Using that rate to calculate the cost of living for a resident of Caracas paints a much more dire and misleading picture than the economic reality, however troubled it may be. As for Venezuela's high rate of inflation, little international reporting on the issue notes the central bank's assertion that much of it is the result of currency manipulation, or rather: wealthy Venezuelans bringing in U.S. dollars and exchanging them for that 520 to 1 rate.
  8. Banned people - listen up - announcement

    That horse has dildos for legs
  9. Banned people - listen up - announcement

    Here's one of my best works:
  10. Banned people - listen up - announcement

    Oopsie!!! Is this my first offense? I've been good up until now!!!!
  11. Banned people - listen up - announcement

    Luckily my pie charts are nice and safe
  13. Banned people - listen up - announcement

    Nonono..... Your pie charts are corrupted (I blame Soul) Ankhy is a high-placed madam at a very exclusive brothel in upstate NY. Her client list, if disclosed, would bring down governments. She runs a tight ship and her girls are clean. Flan works for her and is her muscle man if any of her clients go too far. He had to take care of a very connected client once and had to go into hiding and assume a new identity for a couple of years before it blew over. She brought in Soul so he could talk to the idiots at Invision and Liquid Web and free her up to plan a really big party for the summer rituals.
  14. did you see the parents? look like relatives of the ape!!
  15. Me, Trolls, and Truth

  16. The Nuclear Proctologist

    Fukushima News; WASHINGTON OREGON 2016 Spring Salmon #S are In , 90 % COLLAPSE Actions not words
  17. I thought that was a joke. What about, "All lives Matter"?
  18. "Is Norm A Cult?" has possibilities. Well, one actually.
  19. Copperhead and Uf are banned for 5 days!

    I hope not but would not be surprised since she feels justified and believes people she knows in real life actually post here. Total bullshit that it is all creative writing. She really believes it and it will just be more headaches for the mods if she is perma banned playing whack a mole
  20. Otxotorena showing evidence of plenty of food in rich areas of Caracas. | Photo: Agustin Otxotorena, Facebook Previous Next Published 31 May 2016 65 Comments - Follow us To prove his relatives in Spain wrong, Otxotorena published a series of photographs of fully-stocked markets in upper class neighborhoods in Caracas. Agustin Otxotorena, a Basque executive living in Caracas, grew tired of constant calls from friends and relatives in Spain telling him that there was no food in Venezuela, so on May 20 he began publishing photos on Facebook of supermarkets in upscale sectors of Caracas filled with goods. In addition to showing evidence of an abundance of food stuffs, Otxotorena also analyzed the situation. He concluded that there are two countries in Venezuela—one where "there are many people having a hard time, who don’t have the money to live,” and another where there is "an upper class that has a living standard higher than Europe." The exclusive Fresh Fish Gourmet Market in the upscale Altamira neighborhood in Caracas has plenty of food. "If you have money there is champagne … vodka, Belgian chocolates … lobster, brand-name clothes, exclusive restaurants … nightclubs, beaches … yachts, golf clubs—a whole country within a country where there are no poor, women and children are blond, go to exclusive schools, exclusive universities, and vacation, where Blacks or poor are the waiters … ,” he posted on his Facebook page. In his analysis he stated that the phenomenon stems from corruption in import processes, subsidies by the government, and the existence of buying, re-selling and smuggling of subsidized essential goods by "bachaqueros", linked to Colombian paramilitary groups. He explained that large retail chains such as Makro, Excelsior Gama or Plaza’s have their own import mechanisms, "They import directly and work with the strongest private importers." These chains are then able to set their own prices to the value of the dollar, they are not regulated by the government. All other shops must turn to wholesalers and small importers, which are regulated and distributed by the Bolivarian government and sold at subsidized prices. The basic basket products are regulated in bolivars at very low prices and are accessible to the working class. Otxotorena explained, "While oil prices held, the Venezuelan government brought and brought food in and everything, and gave dollars to importers, who basically defrauded the government by putting premiums in dollars and a thousand ways and means, corrupting officials to certify, for example, that they had brought in three containers of auto parts ... when they had only brought one in and passed it through customs three times.” When the Venezuelan government closed the border with Colombia in 2015, the "bachaqueros" began to buy subsidized commodities to re-sell to Venezuelans and to take out of the country. "I post these photos because I'm tired of all who call or write me saying that in Venezuela there is no food and we live like Ethiopia or Somalia." He adds that these bachaqueros, are directed and controlled by Colombian mafia organizations, with the complacency of the Venezuelan opposition, and have made a career of standing in lines to buy, hoard, re-sell and smuggle goods out of the country. This is what has lead to the lack of foodstuffs in working class and poor neighborhoods of the country. It is estimated that 40 percent of these products, are taken out of the country. Colombian paramilitaries earn more money from these Venezuelan goods than from the production and marketing of cocaine, Otxotorena added. Otxotorena’s conclusion is that indeed there is a war against the Venezuelan people, whose criminal and coup character is encouraged by some international media "that would not bear or endure a 10th of these behaviors if they occurred in their countries. "Everything goes toward the overthrow of Chavismo. However, whatever, whenever ... The only thing that matters to them (the opposition), even if the country is destroyed, is to get the Blacks, the poor, the Indigenous, the ‘ugly people’ or ‘peasants’ out of power. "Unfortunately, they are very racist and classist …”
  21. Is Norm In A Cult?

    It is all a "war tax' you are paying the debts of a corporation that serves its investors by sending the people it is suppose to serve to be maimed and killed in its for-profit wars.
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