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  2. first in office shift in 2 months. heading home now to see what destruction awaits.
  3. his name is luka he lives on the second floor he eats people.
  4. how romantic.
  5. My nail clippers... where are they?
  6. I don't see no jalapeno chip dust fingerprint.
  7. That's quite a gunt you've grown.
  8. After Comey reopened the email investigation so close to the election, looking to Democrats like he was attempting to manipulate the election; I expect the Dems would be a little reluctant to trust the FBI (Federal Bureau of Interference).
  9. The used to fucking sell and deliver house kits!!!
  10. a foto and description raven your description was perfect
  11. everyone should post a foto of their favorite pen this will be fun
  12. post a foto of it
  13. I don't know how it is that the brand that cut it's jib as the premier catalog retailer has gone virtually out of business because they can't compete with Amazon. It's shameful, it really is!
  14. Now that I think about it, you should cancel your Netflix. Definitely.
  15. Elaine had a White Tiger AV last time I was at AE.
  16. No. It's national Onion Ring day though...
  17. Today
  18. I still shop Sears and Land's End which Sears owns because it's about the only retail place left that's affordable and still cares about customer service. Target can kiss my ass.
  19. I'll let UC know he can return!!!
  20. Is she having uterus problems again?
  21. Ours is close behind. A moron could have kept it afloat. Pare it back to outdoor power equipment, tools, appliances (no electronics) and automotive (add quick lube bays), add furniture back, only sell work clothes and work shoes and uniforms. No jewelry, kids clothes, towels, sheets or kitchen appliances. Bring back the candy counter and add a lunch counter. Cut the floor space!!!
  22. A lot of them are closing in the US also and they already closed a bunch of Kmarts. People can't even afford to shop cheaper retail. Macy's is barely staying afloat and is deep in debt. Parasitic oligarchs sucked the USA dry there's nothing left.
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